Cadence and power got stuck during ride

(Zak) #1

I’m a newbie. Fourth ride tonight. I have a cyclops H2 smart trainer. As you can see from the screen shot attached; my cadence and Watts / KG froze during my ride tonight. I am new enough that I didn’t really figure out that something was wrong til Incame over the top of the climb and started to descend and my cadence didn’t change (neither did the resistance I don’t think.)
As a matter of fact, when I stopped riding my avatar just kept going to I ended the ride.

Any advice ? Thanks!

(Karel) #2

I would like to know as well, i had the exact same problem today. And a friend of mine as well. Both on an Cycleops H2 trainer. Mine was stuck at 149Watt and 85 cadence. I stopped my ride, saved it and logged in to my zwift account again, and when I entered Watopia again it was still stuck at the same power and cadence. The only thing that helped was resetting the power on the trainer.

(Zak) #3

March 8th,
It just happened to me again. This time my H2/Zwift hang up had my cadence set at 70. I tried jumping off and unplugging the trainer and re-plugging it in but then Zwift said it couldn’t get a signal from the trainer.
Any fixes out there?

(Jon) #4

I too had this happen - H2, stuck at 300 Watts, cadence at 93 rpm. Very clumsy fix suggested by Zwift that forces me off the bike (no Zwift Companion fix). I should note this has never happened on TrainerRoad (5 to 1 usage over Zwift) so my suspicions are that this is a Zwift issue.

(Zak) #5

Sounds like I’m not the only one, but no Zwift help or solutions offered yet.

(Louis Hlousek) #6

Same here on a Hammer. Cycling power on the Hammer fixed it. There is a known issue thread on this and I posted there as well. It’s here:

(Zak) #7


Can you elaborate on what you mean by Cycling power on the Hammer fixed it? In lost on what you mean.


(Louis Hlousek) #8

Remove electrical power (unplug) and plug back in. I did this while continuing a Zwift workout. For the time the Hammer’s power was off, there was no data, but the workout continued and everything returned to normal after the Hammer powered up again and I finished the workout…

(Zak) #9

Thanks, will try it next time I have the problem