Cadence and power got stuck during ride

(Zak) #1

I’m a newbie. Fourth ride tonight. I have a cyclops H2 smart trainer. As you can see from the screen shot attached; my cadence and Watts / KG froze during my ride tonight. I am new enough that I didn’t really figure out that something was wrong til Incame over the top of the climb and started to descend and my cadence didn’t change (neither did the resistance I don’t think.)
As a matter of fact, when I stopped riding my avatar just kept going to I ended the ride.

Any advice ? Thanks!

(Karel Bollen) #2

I would like to know as well, i had the exact same problem today. And a friend of mine as well. Both on an Cycleops H2 trainer. Mine was stuck at 149Watt and 85 cadence. I stopped my ride, saved it and logged in to my zwift account again, and when I entered Watopia again it was still stuck at the same power and cadence. The only thing that helped was resetting the power on the trainer.

(Zak) #3

March 8th,
It just happened to me again. This time my H2/Zwift hang up had my cadence set at 70. I tried jumping off and unplugging the trainer and re-plugging it in but then Zwift said it couldn’t get a signal from the trainer.
Any fixes out there?

(Jon) #4

I too had this happen - H2, stuck at 300 Watts, cadence at 93 rpm. Very clumsy fix suggested by Zwift that forces me off the bike (no Zwift Companion fix). I should note this has never happened on TrainerRoad (5 to 1 usage over Zwift) so my suspicions are that this is a Zwift issue.

(Zak) #5

Sounds like I’m not the only one, but no Zwift help or solutions offered yet.

(Louis) #6

Same here on a Hammer. Cycling power on the Hammer fixed it. There is a known issue thread on this and I posted there as well. It’s here:

(Zak) #7


Can you elaborate on what you mean by Cycling power on the Hammer fixed it? In lost on what you mean.


(Louis) #8

Remove electrical power (unplug) and plug back in. I did this while continuing a Zwift workout. For the time the Hammer’s power was off, there was no data, but the workout continued and everything returned to normal after the Hammer powered up again and I finished the workout…

(Zak) #9

Thanks, will try it next time I have the problem

(D) #10

This also happens with my H2 connected via a Garmin ANT+ stick but it’s quite random. Oddly it’s most likely to happen when I’m traversing the middle of the main Watopia island. The Figure 8 route is the most likely to trigger this. I’m not using ERG mode… this is normal riding.

What I did note in zwiftalyser is that Zwift is reporting BTLE connection attempts during the problem period yet no ANT+ drops. Additionally strange, is that I don’t have BT on that PC and Zwift on my phone has BTLE disabled.

As mentioned above, power cycling the trainer resolves the issue. It would be nice if that wasn’t necesary.