Cycleops Hammer Trainer Power/Cadence Gets Stuck

(Henry Liu) #1

2nd time this has happened - during 80 min workout in Tempo on FTP builder, my Cycleops Hammer Trainer gets stuck at a certain power, eg the power reading on the screen doesn’t change even if I stop pedalling all together it still reads 235W and I need to unplug the cycleops trainer and plug it back in and then it works again.

Looks like the trainer crashed? Is there something wrong with my trainer? Hard to believe I’m only putting out 235W and it’s rated for 2000W for it to overheat.

(Nigel Doyle) #2

This has happened to me a few times plus to other Hammer owners. You have to power off the Hammer, wait a few seconds then power up again as you’ve discovered. Pairing on Zwift again if need be. Great if you’re doing a race as you get dropped and can’t recover your place in the peleton.

(Vincent W.) #3

Hey all, we’re aware of this issue and have been looking into it. Have you tried calibrating your Hammer in the Cycleops app? Is your trainer on the latest firmware?

(Joshua Haines) #4

Same problem happened to me while finishing a short SST workout the other night. Right after my last high wattage interval the trainer went into a “spiral of death” even though I was coming into my cool down modules. Even when I paused the work out I still couldn’t get the resistance back to normal. Had to unplug the trainer and plug it back in.

(Thomas Armstrong) #5

I have had a similar problem as well, however with the Cycleops Magnus trainer. It has happened to me twice within the last couple weeks, the second time was this evening.

The trainer got stuck at 305ish watts and 96cadence, only thing to solve the issue was to unplug the trainer and restart. My Magnus is updated to the most current firmware, I was ANT+ to my computer, and was doing a workout that involved 30sec interval at 305 watts followed by 30sec at 165watts. The first time was similar circumstances.

Something like this happened to me once last year, however when I updated the firmware then it seemed to solve the problem until now.

(Marlon Perez) #6

Is this a Zwift solution or Cycleops solution? Happened to me twice last week with my H2 in Bluetooth mode. I haven’t had it happen to me while using ANT+ FE-C.