Cycleops Hammer Trainer Power/Cadence Gets Stuck

2nd time this has happened - during 80 min workout in Tempo on FTP builder, my Cycleops Hammer Trainer gets stuck at a certain power, eg the power reading on the screen doesn’t change even if I stop pedalling all together it still reads 235W and I need to unplug the cycleops trainer and plug it back in and then it works again.

Looks like the trainer crashed? Is there something wrong with my trainer? Hard to believe I’m only putting out 235W and it’s rated for 2000W for it to overheat.

This has happened to me a few times plus to other Hammer owners. You have to power off the Hammer, wait a few seconds then power up again as you’ve discovered. Pairing on Zwift again if need be. Great if you’re doing a race as you get dropped and can’t recover your place in the peleton.

Hey all, we’re aware of this issue and have been looking into it. Have you tried calibrating your Hammer in the Cycleops app? Is your trainer on the latest firmware?

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Same problem happened to me while finishing a short SST workout the other night. Right after my last high wattage interval the trainer went into a “spiral of death” even though I was coming into my cool down modules. Even when I paused the work out I still couldn’t get the resistance back to normal. Had to unplug the trainer and plug it back in.

I have had a similar problem as well, however with the Cycleops Magnus trainer. It has happened to me twice within the last couple weeks, the second time was this evening.

The trainer got stuck at 305ish watts and 96cadence, only thing to solve the issue was to unplug the trainer and restart. My Magnus is updated to the most current firmware, I was ANT+ to my computer, and was doing a workout that involved 30sec interval at 305 watts followed by 30sec at 165watts. The first time was similar circumstances.

Something like this happened to me once last year, however when I updated the firmware then it seemed to solve the problem until now.

Is this a Zwift solution or Cycleops solution? Happened to me twice last week with my H2 in Bluetooth mode. I haven’t had it happen to me while using ANT+ FE-C.

Hi - Any update on this issue? I’ve also seen it a few times. 2018 Hammer updated to the latest firmware. The most recent time it hung, I’d calibrated on Rouvy two days prior.

Additional info. I’m using FE-C on Ant+

This has happened to me when doing Tour de Zwift and the Fondo today on Bkool Smart Go. Massively frustrating as I have used Zwift for a year with no problems. Just go into the event/race stuff recently but have only finished a couple due to this issue…

I’m having this same issue! Also more so lately is that I’ve been losing HRM which is ant+ and then my hammer loses connection which is BLE. Or the whole app just crashes. Very very frustrating when your in the middle of a tough workout or pouring your guts out into a race. Been having the drop out issue over the last week or so, and seems to be a zwift issue. Hope they can figure out what’s going on.

This issue happened to me for the first time in the year or so I’ve been using my Hammer 1, during the middle of a Tour de Zwift segment. Latest firmware. Required power cycling the hammer to get it working again. I’m using FE-C on Ant+, and have the Ant+ dongle close to the left side of the Hammer via a USB extension cord.

Another thing that has just started happening is the dropping of cadence, where all of a sudden cadence/power goes to zero, then picks back up again 5-10 seconds later. This is happening on conversions to downhills, and occasionally in the middle of flats and hills. Usually when my RPM’s go lower than 50… Not sure if this is related. I may start another post for this to see if its just me…

I’ve been experiencing the same issue as your 2nd point on my H2, set up pretty much the same as you. Cycling along, all is fine and then all of a sudden power and speed drop ( didn’t check cadence ) and 3 or 4 seconds later picks up again…that’s enough to be blown at the back of a race though so frustrating ! Seems to do this every 3rd or 4th ride and only does it once during the ride, strange !

This happens to me about every 4th or 5th training session. Power sticks at one level until I power cycle the trainer. Would appreciate a fix as well. (Cycleops Hammer)

Hey so just happened to me. Stuck on 329 watts. Ended up just stopping workout. Literally just bought this H2 a week ago and had zero issues until today. Before my ride I actually tried to calibrate it via Zwift. Wonder if that was the issue? So either way I simply unplug then plug back in???

Do not calibrate the Hammer using Zwift, use the Rouvy app as recommended. Zwift calibration will give you other problems (not this specific one where power locks up).

Excellent advice. Thank you!!!

So I’ve had my H2 for about 6 months and twice now the Power & Cadence froze about half way into the rides (different Power and Cadence each time). I was wondering if the CycleOps H2 cadence was the issue (I believe it’s calculated and not actually measured). I have a cadence/speed sensor I can pair to get cadence. Has anyone experienced the Power lockup using an independent cadence sensor (not H2 candence sensor)?

I just started using a H2 unit. I noticed some funky cadence issues in Zwift and my signal dropped out during a ride yesterday. By searching I found the H2 cadence is virtual through an algorithm. I put a garmin speed/cadence sensor on my bike and paired that in Zwift for cadence. My numbers were more steady and the power didn’t lag as much in the game.