CycleOps Hammer dropping

(Sasha Bdki) #1


I own a CycleOps Hammer and trying to have fun on Alpe du Zwift three times a week.

Unfortunately 2 or 3 times during each climb the wattage are completely dropping to zero for 2 or 3 seconds therefore completely ruining my effort.

Am i the only one to have this problem ? If not, how did you found a solution.

I tried both bluetooth & ANT+ connection with same results.

Thank you

(system) #2

I’ve turned your post into a ticket so we can look into this further. Please check your inbox and reply to that email for further instructions.

(Duncan Tindall (C)) #3

Same problem on 2x Tacx Neos and 2 separate windows PCs.  Used to be fine then over last 2 months pretty regularly.  Happens on all sorts of workouts /rides and is not course dependent.  Seems unlikely to be dongle / reception related as sometimes it’s the HR that drops out, but not both at same time.

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey Duncan, if you’ve tried out all the troubleshooting steps in our ANT + signal dropping guide, feel free to send us your log files in a support ticket. We’ll be able to assist you a little more in depth there. :) 

(Diego Aviles) #5


Same issue with Cycleops magnus after last update on Macbook High Sierra.

I’ll send the logs in a ticket.


(Vincent W.) #6

Diego, are you still experiencing the same issues with the Magnus? Not necessarily a one off experience but wattage dropping several times to the point it becomes impossible to get a good ride in? If so, do you mind sending in a support ticket

(David Griscom YCW) #7

I see the same issue as Sasha and Diego on my Magnus.  There are two variants.  One where the power starts to drop but does not quite get to zero and then if I accelerate it will come back.  There other is the power drops to zero and I have to reset the Magnus.  I might get the first type to happen once or twice on the Alpe.  The second type is more rare

(Diego Aviles) #8

Hi Vincent,

After the issues, I’m just using the iOS (ipad) version and works fine.

I’ll try the Macbook version again and will log the ticket if issues persist.



(Vincent W.) #9

Thanks for the update Diego!

David if you have already tried our Bluetooth or ANT + troubleshooting guides, could you send in a support ticket? Please provide your exact trainer, the device you are running Zwift on, and the type of connection you’re running (ANT +, Native BLE, BLE through Zwift Companion). That will help us help you. :)