Drop power during workouts and also free ride

Hello to everyone, I’m new here in the forum.
I’ve a problem and maybe someone could help me to solve.
I’ve a lot of drop of power during both workouts (erg or no-erg mode) and also during free ride.
Some weeks ago the problem was only during workouts and with erg mode on, but in the last 2-3 weekend it got worse, and now every time I’m on zwift I’ve the same problem!
I’ve a macbook air and I’m connected via bluetooth with tacx flux smart s.
The curious fact is that these drops only happen when I’ve to increase the power, let’s say more than 180-200 watts, so alway in high intensity intervals during workouts and always when I’ve to climb during free ride.
When I’m on 130-140 watts it seems to be all ok.
These screenshots can explain the problem better than words I think :slight_smile:
Thanks to everyone can help me :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting!

I have the same problem. I’ve turned off all other BT connections and BT on all devices. I then turned it back on on my ios device and calibrated it on the My E Training app (success). I then turned off that app and turned on Zwift and paired then calibrated it there (pedalling to 55kph for both calibrations - success again).
I mainly use workouts in erg mode when on Zwift and It seems to drop off most when doing efforts. In fact it rarely makes it to the specified power. I’ve tried ios, android (both BT) and windows with ant’+. Kind of frustrating as it is brand new (perhaps I’ve missed some kind of initial setup? ), It has the latest firmware update (194 I think).

I tried again this morning. This time I used the laptop using it’s bluetooth (withing 1m of the Tuo) and also with a BT dongle for another try after this. All other BT devices were turned off, fans off, lights off and even unplugged the laptop.

I also re-calibrated the Tuo with the My E training app first before turning the app off as well as the BT on the phone I used to calibrate.

Same problem both times. 30sec efforts at 345w was barely making me do 280w at best as well as cutting out to much lower wattages. Longer efforts of 3mins at 315watts were low 200s and dropping out to the 100s.

Interestingly it seemed to work better in free game (not a workout in erg mode). Up and down hill seemed to be working ok. I also tried later using the My E Training app to control resistance and that dropped out too.

For the OP with the Flux S, there are three possibilities. First, you may be getting connection dropouts. Try getting the BT antenna closer to the trainer as a test.

Second, the Flux does have issues with other apps talking to the trainer, and some fluctuations in power demand even once the other apps have been disconnected. Ensure no other apps on other devices are connected, or have been connected (the classic is your phone using the Tacx maintenance app to run a calibration). Once that is done, cycle the power to the trainer.

Third: I’ve had the same issue as you, getting worst and worst, and no power cycling could correct. This was worst at higher power (so climbing and in higher intensity intervals in erg mode), and happened no matter which app from which source over which protocol was used. Garmin exchanged my trainer after some back-and-forth. Problem solved (but I still can see the first 2 issues sometimes).

Hi, I’ve got a TACX FLUX SMART S that probably has problem in bluetooth connection with Zwift (Zwift know about it!), and this is how I solved the problem:

  • I’ve bought the GARMIN ANT+ on amazon (40 euro) (before this I had a ANT+ amazon key, 12 euro, but it lost the connection frequently, so I changed it for the original one)
  • Put it on my macbook air
  • Turn off the bluetooth on the macbook
  • Pair the TACX FLUX FE-C (selected this in the pairing menu) over power, cadence and controllable trainer category

Now it works very well :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!!

Thanks guys, very helpful so will try those things and order a Garmin Ant+ to add to my collection!

A USB extension cord arrived today, so will try it with both Ant+ and BT.

The difficult thing is I bought the Tuo in New Zealand before we moved to India a month ago. It was a good, light trainer to take on a planer. If there are problems with it, it may be difficult to get them to replace it! Hopefully it won’t come to that!

The funny thing is I’ve ordered a fan on Amazon and returned it twice due to missing parts, so I am getting very acclimated to riding in the heat!

Keep in touch and we’ll figure this out.