Cycleops resistance

The growing problems I’ve been experiencing reached a point this morning where, if I hurry, I can get my CycleOps Magnus trainer out to the curb before the garbage collection later today.

Over the past handful of rides, I’ve strangely been required to re-pair each of my sensors on the pairing screen.
This morning, I began a workout, in erg mode, and the resistance issues were everywhere, both in what I was actually experiencing and what was being reflected in the game.

What did I do?

Recalibrated my cycleops ( The re-pairing issue was resolved)
Checked that the trainer firmware was up to date
Unplugged/plugged power cord during workout
Unplugged AppleTV device, waited <1min
Selected a random hilly route in Watopia, and there were resistance changes consistent with elevation changes, but no way were those wattages correctly reflected on Zwift.
Waited half an hour to try it all again, and experienced the following:
I was asked to re-pair again, but was not able to reconnect with the Resistance sensor.

Thank you for any advice.