ERG Mode - workouts

(Chris Wozniak) #1

I’m hoping someone can help me because i’m about to drop Zwift. I have a magnus cycleops trainer. My first workout was perfect, no problems. My second, the trainer kept saying i was pushing like 500 watts without any effort - and because i was in ERG in a worktout, it kept making it easier. Since then, i’ve had one workout work correctly and the other 3 did the same. Today was the end for me, it started just fine and then out of nowhere went to showing me push 600 watts despite a 215 target. It was impossible to slow enough to hit 215 or the wheel would stop. ERG is on the entire time.

I have a macbook and have tried restarting, tried using ANT+ and BT, tried calibrating. None of it works. I’ve used Rouvy for years and not had one single issue. I’ve now wasted 3 straight workouts. I need help or i’m going to sadly jump ship because this needs to work 100% of the time and not be a frustration. Its a shame because i love the platform and idea behind it!

any one with thoughts or experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

(Joe Daknis) #2

Have you tried updating your firmware lately?

Also, I know some Magnus users who’ve had issues with the in-Zwift calibration not working.

Are you using Rouvy for calibration (exclusively)? Or Zwift? If the latter, I’d check to see if your firmware is current and then do a calibration in Rouvy. Afterward, go back to Zwift and see if you’re still having issues.

(Chris Wozniak) #3

Thanks Joe. I will try updating the firmware as I haven’t done that yet. I’ve also calibrated in and out of zwift. Which might explain why I’ve had certain workouts work, and others not.

I just submitted an email to cycleops because the website says I need a PC and I only have MAC and IOS.

Also, thanks for the info on the magnus issues. I hope to hear from the zwift team today and will follow up with what they say.