ERG Mode - workouts

I’m hoping someone can help me because i’m about to drop Zwift. I have a magnus cycleops trainer. My first workout was perfect, no problems. My second, the trainer kept saying i was pushing like 500 watts without any effort - and because i was in ERG in a worktout, it kept making it easier. Since then, i’ve had one workout work correctly and the other 3 did the same. Today was the end for me, it started just fine and then out of nowhere went to showing me push 600 watts despite a 215 target. It was impossible to slow enough to hit 215 or the wheel would stop. ERG is on the entire time.

I have a macbook and have tried restarting, tried using ANT+ and BT, tried calibrating. None of it works. I’ve used Rouvy for years and not had one single issue. I’ve now wasted 3 straight workouts. I need help or i’m going to sadly jump ship because this needs to work 100% of the time and not be a frustration. Its a shame because i love the platform and idea behind it!

any one with thoughts or experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

Have you tried updating your firmware lately?

Also, I know some Magnus users who’ve had issues with the in-Zwift calibration not working.

Are you using Rouvy for calibration (exclusively)? Or Zwift? If the latter, I’d check to see if your firmware is current and then do a calibration in Rouvy. Afterward, go back to Zwift and see if you’re still having issues.

Thanks Joe. I will try updating the firmware as I haven’t done that yet. I’ve also calibrated in and out of zwift. Which might explain why I’ve had certain workouts work, and others not.

I just submitted an email to cycleops because the website says I need a PC and I only have MAC and IOS.

Also, thanks for the info on the magnus issues. I hope to hear from the zwift team today and will follow up with what they say.

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