Cycleops Magnus

My Cycleops Magnus trainer will not calibrate in Zwift. As seems to be the case for many people, it will only spin down to 4 mph and then gives me a “calibration failed message.” 


About a week ago I had been able to calibrate it, but this weekend it just went haywire. There was no resistance on climbs in free ride mode, but a ton of resistance on flats. I downloaded the new firmware and re-callibrated in Rouvy, but I’m fairly confident it’s still not working right. Resistance is wrong and power numbers are wonky.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I’m using Zwift primarily of off season climbing training, so not having resistance is really aggravating.

Bill, I avoid using the calibration in Zwift because of all the isues.  I have had no issues with just calibrating with Rouvy before I switch over to Zwift.  Note that Rouvy has a cold calibration and a hot calibration.  The later is more accurate.  I do not calibrate every ride.  The bike stays on the trainer all winter and I keep the tire pumped to the same pressure

My experience is the same as David’s. His advice is spot on.