Speed and Calibration issue

 I have had my Zwift set up with a Cycleops Magnus trainer going since last Thanksgiving and everything for the most part has been fine but within the past couple of weeks I have been having some issues. I went to San Diego 2 weeks ago for work and everything was good came back and there were two Zwift updates within 2 days and now another one in the past week and now when I ride I go from zero to like 40mph in an instant. I have tried to calibrate my system sometimes it takes sometimes it fails. I have checked the firmware update on the trainer and that is fine so I am not sure why I am having the issue of the software and trainer not working properly. Has anyone had this issue or have any ideas of what could be the problem?

The Cycleops Smart Trainers should be calibrated using the free Rouvy app not from within Zwift as often you’ll get a timeout error.

Okay I will try that, why would I need a separate app to do this in theory it should work in Zwift? I also have the Power Tap app so I can update the firmware of the trainer,

Hi Ryan,  Zwift hasn’t always offered in-game calibration.  Smart trainers previously required the spindown be performed in the respective manufacturer’s utility app.  And depending on trainer brand/model and connection protocol, that still is true  [supported trainer list here:  https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004175663-How-to-calibrate-your-trainer].  Sure, in theory it would work fine within Zwift, but the CycleOps spindown in Zwift seems to have some challenges at the moment.  

The Rouvy app formerly was known as CycleOps Virtual Training.  This is what we had to use before Zwift added the in-game spindown/calibration.   And, based on reports in the support forum, it is what most people with CycleOps smart trainers still use.  I’ve had the Magnus for about a year now and have not had any issues when performing the spindown in the Rouvy/CVT app.

Ride on!