Cycleops won't calibrate on any app

I have a cycleops Magnus that I recently got from someone that I can’t calibrate on zwift or Rouvy. On the calibrations on both apps it will wind down and still say it  is going 2-4mph.  

For reference I am doing it from my iPhone with the latest update of each app.

The guy I got it from updated the firmware and calibrated it a little over a month ago with no problems. 

Is there anything else I am missing or is anyone else having this problem. I’ve seen people having a problem with calibration but not also on other applications. 


Thanks in advance

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I would check the firwarw using powertap. Also minimize bluetooth devices nearby while calibrating. I’ve been able to calibrate both of our magnus trainers using Rouvy but prefer using Zwift when it works right. I notice even when zwift does say it is complete that some sort of calibration happens, the only trick is you have to close out of zwift unplug the magnus, and start zwift back up again because gor some reason when it hangs in a zwift calibration, you loose ERG and all smart adjustment of the magnus until you shut down and power the trainer off then on.

Even if you don’t see success I prefer a 10min warm up calibration attempt in zwift, then just leave it there for a week or more.

I’ve been having the same issue with the Magnus not calibrating. It is also showing power at 4094 watts as soon as you start to pedal.

Any suggestions?

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