Magnus calibration options?

Hi there,

I’m looking for ideas from other Cycleops Magnus owners who’ve got calibration sorted out. I do not.

The story so far:

  • Zwift happily controls the Magnus over ANT+ but Zwift does’t support the Magnus for calibration
  • I can’t keep a BT connection going with the Magnus with the software I’ve tried (Zwift, Rouvy)
  • After a bunch of failed calibrations with Rouvy this week the calibration is very wrong. My Zwift workouts are way too easy. My stages pm reads 75W when Zwift thinks I’m at 125W
  • I don’t have a real Windows machine in the house to try calibrating with Rouvy for Windows and my ANT+ dongle

So, anyone have any tips on:

  • Alternative approaches to calibrating for Windows-less Magnus owners?
  • Ways to reset the Magnus after it gets a bogus calibration reading?
  • Using the Stages power meter ( measuring power) AND the Magnus (setting resistance) with Zwift so I no longer need to care about calibrating the Magnus?

Thanks in advance!

Not what you want to hear but Trainerroad can calibrate Cycleops trainers. It also does zero offsets for pwoer meters.

Set up your power meter to be the power source then pair the Magnus as a controllable trainer. You then get correct power and you don’t need to calibrate that often apart from the doing a zero offset on your power meter every day. (Zwift as far as I know can’t do a zero offset).

Thank you for the inspiration Nigel!

I had tried to use the Stages as the power source before, but I was having so many other issues it seemed like it wasn’t supported even though the UI made it look like viable setup.

After reading your post I went down to try the Stages as power source and Magnus as controllable trainer tonight and it worked very well.

I have not been doing regular zero offsets with the Stages. I’ve now googled a bit more and apparently I should have been doing them weekly at least. The Stages App allows me to do the zero offset.

For others who are following along but don’t have a regular power meter I also figured out a way to calibrate the Magnus using only (almost) the devices I own. I had ordered an $10 OTG cable for another USB gadget and realized it might allow my ANT+ dongle to work with the Pixel phone. It did. I was able to do a Free ride on Rouvy, connected to the Magnus by ANT+ for 10 minutes without any dropouts. I was also able to repeatably perform calibration.

For whatever reason I just can’t get Bluetooth working reliably with the Magnus. Cyclops thinks I have an interference problem in my house, I think their Bluetooth support is flaky. Other than that it seems like a nice product and I’ll be enjoying it completely now.

Thanks again.

Excellent :slight_smile:

BTW, I connect via ANT+ with Zwift and it’s pretty reliable. Today I was doing a Trainerroad workout using Bluetooth on my phone. 50 minutes into the workout I suddenly lost connection to my trainer, power meter and heart rate monitor. I could get them connected again so stopped the workout and did a race on Zwift using ANT+. Must have been something in my vicinity upsetting things. Generally Bluetooth works fine however Zwift using Bluetooth via my phone and then wifi can be flakey so I stick with ANT+ as this doesn’t use wifi.