calibtration issue

I bought my Magnus Cycleops from Zwift, so Zwift cannot deny some responsibility for my calibration attempts to fail. Zwift is telling me that I am a Superman, putting out power and reaching speeds of 40 mph.  My recalibration efforts keep failing.  I see that I am not alone with this problem, yet I see no solution readily available.

I need a quick solution, as I am about to celebrate my 80th birthday, and do not have decades to await a resolution.

Hi Len.  Firstly, happy birthday young man.  I don’t have a solid answer for you.  However, a quick search reveals that using the Zwift in game spin down for your unit is not the best way to go.  There is a thread on this already which says you should use the “Powertap” ap from ios or google play.  This will also check to make sure you have the latest and greatest firmware installed for your Magnus.  You can find the link here and good luck.


Len, use the Rouvy program from CyclOps or the Powertap app.  They work fine.  Many folks have reported wonky results running the calibration test within Zwift.  I have a Magnus and dont use the Zwift feature for that reason