Bug: Blurred / out of focus screenshots (iOS/iPadOS)

@anon99260137 and @Nigel_Tufnel

Are you two enabling HUDless mode intentionally?
If no - wondering why the HUD across the top would go missing.
If yes - wondering how the leaderboard and/or Riders nearby are still showing.

Are you using any game mods by any chance? If you are - what happens when you disable them?

@shooj we are both using Apple devices. Are any mods even possible? If so, I am not using any. Also, HUD was enabled for me. This is the first time I recall seeing this, but it sounds like @anon99260137 sees this regularly.

@shooj :

  1. I am not using HUDless mode no. It only appears that way in the screenshot.
  2. I am on ipadOS on an iPad Pro. The ipad is bought direct from Apple (legitimate) and has never been modified. The iOS is as provided by Apple, at latest release. The Zwift install is from the Apple store, latest release. There are no modifications to either the iOS or to Zwift (I wouldn’t know how, lol).

Btw, It would be nice, if we can enable the HUDless view in workout mode. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One issue, one thread, go raise your own feature request, mister :wink:

I couldn’t resist the comment when even an employee doesn’t know that both (WO and HUDless view) aren’t possible. Don’t be so strict. :wink:

But back to topic, maybe it has something to do how the new homescreen/menus work. They blur the background when you are in.
I never saw this on my setup (ATV 4K, 2017).

Two more instances of this I’ve seen on my Strava feed Both are from separate users. I’m seeing this bug multiple times from multiple people on my Strava feed, this is clearly very widespread. Is this bug logged now please @shooj ?


I’ve edited my original post to add/include this information but to summarise:

  • Issue is very common, happening to thousands of riders
  • The UI overlays are always clear, the in-game footage is blurred
  • It has nothing to do with workout “pain” effect (pain effect option disabled)
  • Happens even when Zwift and OS patched to latest version, and hard-restarted
  • Happens regardless of whether in a workout or free riding
  • Happens on many (perhaps all) maps including Makuri/Urukazi, Watopia and France
  • User is not in “HUDless” mode when it occurs
  • Happens when users have no “mods” installed (and have never had any mods installed previously either)
  • In all instances so far certian UI elements (eg map) are present, but others (power/distance/drops bar at top for example) are missing

@shooj I would like to add a couple of things to @anon99260137 post above:

  • I am not sure this happens in a workout of free riding.
  • Based on the photos I have seen, which is certainly not all of them, it happens only in a workout
  • I guess not actually IN a workout, but immediately after, at the time when the screen would normally be showing the workout summary (a screen in which the background is typically blurred, IIRC.
  • Maybe also important: This appears to happens only when completing a custom workout. It does not seem to happen at the conclusion of a Zwift workout.

@anon99260137 please feel free to contradict or affirm any of my comments, as I think you have noted more of these photos than I have. I only checked the past activities of ‘Richo’ as A. Eversdijk’s activities are private.

Thanks @Nigel_Tufnel, some good investigative work there - hadn’t thought about the possible link to custom workouts. I do use those rarely but more often I’m using workouts synced from Training Peaks. They’re still not “official” Zwift workouts, but not technically “custom” either (in that they don’t appear in the “custom workouts” folder - so if we say “any workouts other than from the Zwift workouts library” as opposed to “custom workouts” (which means something slightly more specific in Zwift-land) then that could be a good spot/you could be on to something. It may also explain why this issue is being more widely reported, since I would guess most users stick to Zwift workouts rather than creating (or syncing/importing) their own?

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@shooj another one today. Definitely right at the conclusion of a custom workout. The blurred effect seems consistent with what one would see as the background of the photo that should have the workout summary displayed, but instead of the workout summary the window shows the two screen elements that are consistent between the workout and free ride screens.


Great work getting to the bottom of this Nigel. I am confident that you have nailed it as to when this occurs. The only slight discrepancy is just to note that the UI elements shown are not always consistent: see my very first screenshot posted: I likely had the rider list hidden at the time (I do this sometimes during harder workouts to prevent distractions) so isn’t shown i the screenshot. So just to point out there may sometimes only be one screen element (map) showing, it just remains consistent with whatever was on your screen at the time screenshot was taken (topbar etc excepting).

Another one from my ride today. I can confirm 100% this was at the end of my workout, and it was a “custom” one today, not a Training-Peaks synced one so I am now very certain that is the issue:

I got a blurry one during a workout today too, first time ive noticed it. I think it was an auto screenshot, but theres no hud. The other auto screen shots from finally getting to level 50 look fine.
Windows 10
Latest game version.

Good job on the 50 @Mike_Rowe1

I have another Win10 blurry one too. No idea what triggered the pic as I was watching a movie (maybe sweat on the CA) - a couple of achievement banner pics during the ride were fine.

Hi @shooj thank you for your earlier input on this ticket. The issue is still occurring, can you confirm if it has been logged with the developers now as a “known issue” and what the ticket reference is if so please?

There’s been some really great work above from Nigel in figuring out exactly when this occurs, which should really help the developers to pinpoint the bug and fix it :slight_smile:


Still happening in the latest Zwift update:

Another one from my strava feed, different riders to all the above. I don’t follow that many people so this seems to be very widespread/common:

I admire your efforts, on this and other bug threads. Don’t bother, even when they’re actually interested you don’t get to find out anyway.

It might be fixed one day, it might not. They might mention it, they might not. Doesn’t break the game, so carry on.


Pretty much, there are loads of things that are relatively minor glitches that have been there for years. Lead distances have been wrong since they were introduced, course lengths wrong since they were introduced, map details are wrong etc etc

But a lot of people won’t notice so zwift pretend they dont exist.