Bike Paintjobs

Am I the only one who thinks there should be more paintjobs? This should be one of the easiest things to do. IRL there are plenty of different colors for most bikes. A few things that would be cool is something like a paintjob for the Zwift Aero, Gravel, MTB, and Handcycle that would match each years TDZ or ToW jersey/theme. Or like an animated rainbow tron paintjob unlocked with the rainbow jersey at lvl50.

It’s interesting to read of Zwift bling that matters to members.

I usually use the Canyon Aeroad with the last Zwift Academy paint scheme. I guess that’s the sort of thing you mean?

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I’m honestly surprised when people on Zwift don’t care about things like what their bike looks like.


Hard agree. Any fule noes that a smart paint job is worth 0.03 seconds on the Country Sprint. :sunglasses:

It could be that part of the agreements between Zwift and the manufacturers is to stick to set colour schemes.

I know a lot of manufacturers release new colour schemes each year as a marketing ploy but some colour schemes are synonymous with manufacturers.

Bianchi - Ochre (yes they do other colours)
Canyon - Used to be black only until recent years
Focus - Stripey paint job

I’m sure there are others.

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I think you mean ‘celeste’… I’ve never seen an ochre Bianchi.

My mate Rob used to have a lovely looking black one with celeste lettering…

FWIW I really couldn’t give a toss what colour my bike is in Zwift.

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You’re bang on. I’ve no idea where Ochre came from.

+1 for me in not caring about paint jobs in Zwift. I ride 1st person view so you can’t really see much of the bike colour.

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I hear people all the time talk about how it’s silly to think about paint jobs on bikes. Then they come into the shop and spend half their time talking about which color to buy.

If you’re going to be on a bike IRL or digital, you want to like how it looks. Never met anyone who didn’t actually think that, even if they claim it’s not important to them for reasons.


All I want is a Land Shark paint job

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Oh that is nice isn’t it?

For me, Speedvagen has always been near the tops. I don’t know that I’d ever do the ‘surprise me’ option, but their bikes as so pretty.

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It’s equally interesting to read of Zwift bling that does not matter to members.

Yes. That Country Sprint. I forgot about the extra speed the right paint offers.

Yeah, whenever I’ve been considering new bikes, I discount plenty simply because I don’t like the colours. It can be frustrating. Sometimes I’ll like the colour scheme that 105 version is in, but not the Ultegra version I’m looking to buy. Or I liked last season’s colour but it has been replaced by something naff; or the colours available on model_A while I’m considering model_B.

At least some manufacturers offer the customer their choice of colours.


My wife has often discounted a number of brand’s ‘women specific’ models entirely because she doesn’t happen to like muted pastels, and the bold colors are only available for the menfolk.

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When I am riding in Zwift I hardly ever see the livery on my bike, beyond the color of the top tube.

Bianchi makes an “Oltre” model - maybe that?

I’d love to be able to pick my real-world bike(s) in Zwift, with their real-world colours. I might even stop using the Z1 all the time in favour of my real rides.

Anyone who says their bike (or car) colour doesn’t matter to them: “Let a random crazy person pick the colour of your next ride and tell me you don’t care.”

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Color doesn’t weigh heavily on me (my first “real” bike was a Bianchi in Electric Rose - see below). But it does matter to some. A particular member of my household is always frustrated because the Zwift color slider doesn’t even provide RED. Custom paint schemes as prizes would be fun. But how about an improved color selector?


Red is apparently difficult for Zwift:


I will pay 1000000 drops for a red frame and I’m sure many others would as well ( :wink:). This should help the company get that excess liability off its balance sheet.