Best road in Zwift

This is very subjective but a lighter subject compared to other threads.

Every time I ride the Esses, in either direction, I think the designers created a master piece of road.
By far, the best stretch of road in Zwift.

Ooo I like this topic.

Not sure I could pick a “best” as there’s so much good content.

The views when doing “Col du Zwift” on Watopia Epic KOM are gorgeous. (EDIT - I see @CouchTo1200K linked a photo below - that’s the spot!)

Titan’s Grove is pretty great too but the ups and downs hit a bit hard, as Lee implied, if you just want a relaxing ride.

If anyone hasn’t seen the downloadable Watopia Map, ZI hosts it here: Download or Purchase a Watopia Course Map | Zwift Insider

EDIT - I’ve been so obsessed with badge-hunting, I need to go re-ride all the routes to figure out my favourites. Loving the suggestions down-thread - did the Esses in the ToW Stage 2 ride yesterday - definitely a fave.

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Esses is a good shout, also titans grove but possibly the winner was the jungle before the gravel draft turned it into like riding in quicksand.

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The original hilly route is still probably one of the best routes about for riding. It has a little bit of everything and hit the right note.

Some of what came after seemed to keep missing the target - The rollers in the forest are for me to harsh, like they have been set up to be challenging and went a little to far. The underwater tunnels seem a waste now but fit a purpose.

I like Crit city, its a good course, works both directions and does what is needed without the bells and whistles.


The Jungle used to be my “go-to” route before changes to how dirt behaved.


the one that contains the finishing banner

In terms of route to fill an hour ish my favourite would be Watopia figure of 8 has everything and road to ruins used to run it close.


I quite enjoy the pace partner on that route - Makes for a good hour with Brevet.

Edit to add - Perhaps we need a worse road in zwift thread alongside this- But then the Jungle or that twisty road in France will walk it

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I really like the mountain Route especially the little rollers just before you get to the top of the KOM

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I really like the bypass road at the base of epic kom, something about being on the edge of a cliff with the whimsical waterfalls and ruins is very appealing to me.


R.G.V… A nice spin through the always sunny French countryside.


Grand Central, reminds me of my typical South Downs lane rides March-Nov depending on weather and my health between Bishop’s Waltham/ Hawkley/ South Harting, moderate up/ down/ gentle rolling before it’s time to find the climbing legs again.

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Its nice until the last 3km where for some explicit reason they zig zagged the course along the river - I just think it didn’t need so many twists and turns.

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I agree the “intestines” aren’t the best. I don’t mind them on my own but it does seem always to be a challenge to keep a group together through that section.

So let’s be more specific: The northern and eastern portions of R.G.V., past Mont Saint-Michel, through the village with the Pave sprint, and up to the aqueduct.


Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop = most underrated route in Watopia.

This spot is always nice to see:

…and I like the longer Makuri routes that start in Neokyo, go out to the countryside, and come back.


I’m a fan of the Titan’s Grove roller coaster. Keeps me on my toes, and feels fun to ride.


It would be easier to talk about the roads I dislike…


Agree 100%. Ocean Lava Cliffside is a top one for me.

@CouchTo1200K. I actually like the cliff side part better going the other direction…you can see over the side better.

Zwift needs to make us a “Ocean Lava Cliffside Reverse”.


Best Race Course… Figure of 8 or Richmond UCI

Quiet spin… R.G.V

Longer ride… Legends and Lava

Total madness… Four Horsemen…

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Lots of good routes already mentioned, but some that I haven’t seen mentioned yet are the various dirt paths in Makuri Islands. Those are some of my favorites. Cheers!