Badges glitch

Badges glitch? I got several sprinting badges up to 1100 Watts but I got nowhere near that. 360 perhaps. Watts up? And can anything be done?

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That’s very weird. I looked up your ride in the Companion app, which shows that you won all of the power badges from 500W up to 1100W yesterday, but only registered a max power of 274W. No idea how that’s even possible within the logic of Zwift itself. :man_shrugging:
Even if a freak power spike reading occured, one would imagine that also appearing in the ride stats.
Out of interest, what do you use for zwifting (trainer/power meter)? Have you changed anything in your trainer set-up or any settings in the last day?

Looking in past Forums entries, similar power badge glitches seem to occur once in a while:

Unfortunately, from the responses given in those, it would seem that the badges cannot be deleted once they’ve been received.

One logical explanation for this glitch occurring at all, that comes to my mind, is that the badges might be being triggered in game by extremely brief (e.g. microseconds long) falsely-high power readings, whereas the ride stats that we can access in Zwift/Companion might only record power readings that last longer (e.g. milliseconds). That would explain your 274W max, despite getting the 1100W badge, for instance.

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Trainer only. So a pretty basic setup, I suppose.

Ok, no drama. Thanks for your efforts

I experienced this issue today on my 4th zwift ride. I’m using a new SB20. I had just started a ride, and within seconds I received the badges for 600, 700, 800, 900, and 1000 watts. The badges would mean a lot more if they really happened. My top power on the road last year was 980 watts, so I would like to shoot for that 1000 watt badge in zwift, but now I can’t.

For what it’s worth I just joined today and did the introductory ride and before I could even get started on my IC4 it gave me these same awards.