Erroneous crazy power numbers

I started a ToW stage late. Upon joining, my power was 1000-2000 and it wouldn’t go down. I stopped after a while (~60s) and restarted twice, it did this both times. Finally I restarted my trainer and recalibrated, which fixed it. I didn’t save either ride. However, now those 2k watts power numbers are in my zwift history and power curve. Also I got the badges for 1k, 1100 and 1.2 gW that I dont deserve. Is there a way to undo this? Thanks.

I dont think that there is a way to undo the achievements but if you are on iOS you can delete the app and reinstall which should remove the power records. On computer I am pretty sure there is a GpLama video on it that you can find on the internet. I will see if I can find it.

For PC, delete everything in your /documents/zwift/cp folder (to remove records, not badge achievements).