Weird Wattage Experience

I was in a group ride on my Hub and realized that I forgot to switch on my second fan. I soft pedaled, reached down to turn the fan on, and when I looked up I saw that I hit 700w and achieved the circuit breaker badge. This couldn’t be since I was soft pedaling and I am not capable of putting out that kind of power (my real peak was 500-something once). I feel like an imposter with the badge on my record and wish I could delete it. Any thoughts on what went wrong? Thank you, John

it probably happens to everyone once or twice, i wouldn’t start worrying about it unless it is happening regularly. all trainers and power meters all run on firmware that can go wrong/experience glitches like any other computer, for any one of a million reasons

staff can erase the history of a ride you’ve done on zwift, but i don’t know if they can delete achievements. you could send them a support ticket, but your trainer is probably fine at least