Unearned badges

Zwift connectivity isn’t working well this morning. Have checked/reset all the things at my end (internet, appletv, and smart trainer) but still I couldn’t calibrate my trainer, my avatar wouldn’t move on the screen, and I received a slew of insanely high wattage badges for some reason. I submitted the issue to zwift support, and am waiting for their reply. Meanwhile I wanted to ask how I go about making them take back those badges I didn’t earn (seriously, they were for wattages I could not possibly have attained in real life).

As far as I know badges cannot be reset or removed.

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Zwift says my ride this morning was 0 miles, 0 hours, etc., but an average of 1,106 watts? LOL! Yeah, no.

That happened to me a few weeks ago when I was using a hotel gym. I was near 2k watts at one point, not real though. I realized I couldn’t remove, I even trashed the ride to prevent embarrassment, but badges stuck. So now I look like I juiced one ride. The way I see it though is there is enough doping going on in the platform (riders maintaining 8 w/kg for 20 minutes? I’m not saying it’s impossible, but they should be on a pro team), I can’t feel guilty.

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Same problem. My home trainer (Wahoo) was quite generous the other day giving me a brief 1 second peak of 1200+ watts during a 200 watt ride - and so I fully unearned a bunch of power badges. Please let me delete these Zwift - I want to earn them legitimately!!!