Wattage Achievements

So, I was doing a workout today when Zwift claimed I had a sudden surge in wattage. It gave me all of the wattage achievements that I didn’t already have. I’m assuming my smart trainer had some kind of hiccup. After looking on Google, I see this is something that sometimes happens…and that Zwift apparently can’t/won’t reset the achievements.

I see that I can empty my CP folder to at least reset my personal bests, but I’ll still feel like a bit of a fraud having those achievements :stuck_out_tongue:

You cannot delete the achievements. But you are not the only one, you did not cheat, you have no advantage (until in races) - no need to feel bad

Which trainer do you use? Just curious…

Ride on!


I’m using the Tacx Flux S. It’s been working very well over the past few months. I had another brief wattage spike on yesterday’s ride, but nothing today.

Apparently I had one wattage badge remaining since I got the 1.21 gigawatts (Great scott!) badge as a result of yesterday’s spike.

This happened on my wahoo trainer today (small miracle on the radio tower) it surged to 2000 watts and I got all the badges. I get the resistance crank right before I saw the watts change but I was on the steady 13% portion of the climb.