Undoing achievements

Due to a recent hardware error (Flux 2) my wife unlocked the achievements for power outputs from 500 to 1200 watts. My wife is just getting back into ridding after years having our kids, so she’s not quite up to outputs over 300 watts.

It would be good if there is a means of accepting the award before permanently awarding it as hardware errors which gain achievements spoil the experience.

At the moment you cannot reset the Achievement (Zwift Support might be able to), but you can remove the high power number from Zwift by deleting the corresponding file in the Documents\Zwift\cp folder.

Thanks Paul, I’m aware of the work around for the file, unfortunately its not a very practical one.

Same issue. Momentary glitch in trainer communication with Zwift caused a crazy power spike far beyond my means that “earned” me all sorts of achievements in the blink of an eye. Makes the whole achievement thing rather hollow when they’re not related to actual achievements. A fix that doesn’t force you to remove the workout would be nice…