Achievements - real ????

I hopped onto Zwift this evening for the sole purpose of resetting the photo upload settings. I might have been on for 30 seconds when I paused and when I stopped I displays started popping up  saying that I made several power achievements including putting out 1200 watts. C’mon Zwift, I’m 60 years old never-wuz-be and haven’t come close to hitting 1/2 that power. Any suggestions what happened?

Same here, I got all the power achievements up to 1.21 Gigawatts while sitting at the side of the road.


N.B.  I’m running off a powermeter and there were no power spikes in the .fit saved to my Garmin.

I use a Computrainer. I didn’t save the ride as it was about 30 seconds. However I’ve never touched numbers close to that! Weird

Same with me …

Same thing happened to my wife yesterday.  We were showing her friend Zwift and it inadvertently showed around 1200 watts for a second when her friend was riding and then it unlocked all kinds of achievements that aren’t real.  Now my wife can’t aspire to unlock those achievements with real effort anymore…  Can those achievements somehow be re-locked or put back due to the obvious data error?  The error also messed up the 5 second max forever - now she won’t be able to compare her future rides to real data.

Ditto - how to clear - I didn’t earn them?

I had the same problem. Never hit 300 watts in my life and suddenly unlocked achievements right the way to 1200 watts.

I raised a ticket about it and have been told that there is nothing that can be done at this moment. However, they are developing an admin tool that can remove them so a solution is in the works.

Got my false 1200 watts award also… would be nice if the can be undone.