This might (does) sound stupid, but last night whilst having intermittent power sensor issues I was getting an odd phenomenon where when Zwift picked up the power meter reading after dropping it, it would get a MASSIVE power reading from it.  I was riding at a steady 270-300W, but when Zwift re-found the power sensor it would indicate as high as 18kW.

Whilst having 10x the power of Marcel Kittel may be my long-term goal, I don’t think I’ve achieved it yet.

I soon got the intermittent power issues sorted (seemed to be interference between my Garmin head unit, Anrt+ stick and Stages).  Once I turned off my Garmin 810 altogether, the issues disappeared.  I have however, been left with a bunch of undeserved achievements unlocked due to the power surges, like >1500Watts - which is one I was really looking forward to working towards as my current limit is around 1450W - and riding at +50mph.


Is there anyway I can have these achievements removed so I can unlock them deservedly?  This is obviously not a show stopping issue, more just a little niggle.



I also had an unrealistic power surge and unlocked all the power achievements.  Like Adam I would prefer to remove them and earn them (if I am capable) legitimately.  Is there any way we can delete them?

Yesterday I had the exact same issue - I would like to delete these achievements if possible?


Along the same lines - would it be possible to have the option to display/log a running average of the power instead of the (apparent) instantaneous values?



same here! help.

Me too…

Edit: Just found this - haven’t tried it tho…

No, that doesn’t reset the achievements from my experience.

Same thing happened to me, apparently I was riding at over 2000 watts on my Kickr Snap due to some weird power surge. I haven’t even joined zwift yet and I have all these mega achievements. Would be good to get rid of them. How though?