Glitch giving false power result

I was doing the TDZ Stage 5 longer ride today, climbing the Volcano, and all of a sudden I received the 2000 watt achievement badge and was shot out of a cannon. Now, it was cool to see…but I’ll probably never hit 2000 watts. Don’t want this to show on my Z power profile…which it is. How can I/we fix? Thanks!

Hi @David_Lasseter_VEver welcome to Zwift forums.

If you mean your ZwiftPower racing results history, shoot an email to and ask.

ZPower is the jargon for the classic trainer + speed sensor setups that estimate your power output, as opposed to a trainer setup where there’s a power meter that measures your actual power output…

Let’s see… are you using a Tacx Flux 2 trainer?

In that case, please make sure you update to the latest F/W version. Its a known issue, which should be solved once you update.

On the bright side, you did get the badge… :slight_smile: