Bug Report: I was awarded all the power achievements but I didn't actually achieve them

(Allan Strydom - SZR (C)) #1

I’m riding on a classic Tacx Satori and I’m using the BlueMotion profile with a resistance level of 5.

The power readings are pretty accurate to my actual on-road, so I’m happy with the config, despite it being a VPower setup.

I was riding along yesterday, holding a steady cadence and power output, and all of a sudden Zwift started giving me awards for reaching higher and higher power levels. It started at 500 watt, then 600, 700 and so on up until 1000 watts.

The strange thing is, my equipment was doing nothing weird and my readouts stayed consistent and looked pretty much dead on what I expected the entire time that the rewards system was going bezerk.

At no point during that time period did I breach even 200 watts if I recall correctly, let alone 500 watts or higher.

There definitely appears to be some kind of weird bug there.

Ideally I’d like all of those rewards revoked because I would like to actually attempt to earn them properly down the line.




(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi Allan - 

I’ve created a support ticket for you and will follow up with you there.