Incorrectly awarded 6 power badges

On 27th Jan 2024 14:00 UK time I took part in event Stage 5 Ride Tour de Zwift 2024 Cat A Achterbahn.

After the long first climb there’s the long descent, I was in supertuck until the gradient started to level out at the bottom, on starting to pedal I was awarded the Circuit Breaker badge, then a couple of seconds later the Just Scrape It badge, then the Blowdrier, then Premier Power, then Off the Rocks and finally 1.21 Gigawatts, all after each other.

My power never went above around 50 watts in the timeframe.

I’ll contact support to get the badges removed but thought I’d mention it as a bug, the only other similar reported occurrence I could find was back in 2021 (I can’t post hyperlinks but search for “power outage induced achievements”).

Using Zwift 1.57.1 on Android with Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift.