Glitch during race, hit 2000W - 15s pwr now 11.7w/kg

Due to a glitch during a race, I hit 2000W.
As a result my 15s power is now 995 watts (11.7 w/kg)
No way that I am able to push that amount of power right now.
Could this be fixed?


If you are on mac or Pc you can go to your documents folder - Zwift - Cp - user12345xxx and delete the file for that ride/race.

EDIT: or if you want it removed from Zwift power see the comment above from James.

Okay, thanks.
Problem solved for me.

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when I had an issue with incorrect power i emailed them and told me to contact the race organiser to remove me from the result

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partially right maybe. If it just effects that race fare enough but it it is having an impact on your zp category then best to email zp.

Out of curiosity did you get all the power badges? e.g. 1.21 gigawatts.

yes, received the 1.21 gigawatts badge.

Gerrie, I reached out to Zwift Support and they told me to contact the race organiser.
The race organiser is: Home - British Cycling
But they have no emailadress, and I do not plan to call them by phone.
So, here it ends I guess …

Race organiser can’t fix this. Your activity needs to removed by Zwift.

Did you email the address I said to use?

Yes, I did this is the answer from Zwift:

Hi Kurt,

Thanks for reaching out to us! This is xxxxxx with ZwiftPower support team checking in with you! I am sorry for any inconvenience with your power output. I will do my best to help out!

Since ZwiftPower was created to provide Zwifters with transparency around Zwift race performances, we’re unable to completely remove race results from your profile. It might be possible to applied the “ERROR” tag to your result to indicate that there were issues involved and prevent it from being used when calculating your category on ZwiftPower.

However, since ZwiftPower is meant as a tool to empower the Zwift community, we don’t override decisions made by community race organizers. So in this case I recommend to reach out to the race organizer and asked them to apply ERROR tag on this results. You can find their contact info here
If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know!

Ride On.

Drop me a message with the event and I’ll fix it for you.