Avatar not working

Wahoo core
Android 36381

Updated tonight and in both workout and free run mode the power, hr and cadence are all broadcast and displayed on zwift but the avatar does not move down the road! When I start/stop pedalling the avatar starts and stops pedalling but stays still.

Timer also does not start in workout mode.

Addtionally When I start a ride zwift puts my into viewing another rider and I have to select view myself.

Any ideas?

Seems others are having the same issue: Mi avatar doesnt move

I see it thinks my free trial has finished.

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Continuing the discussion from Avatar not working:

Tacx Flux S is connected fine, no other blutooth devices are connected or paired with my Android phone. Everything loads correctly on the app.

Once the map loads, cadence and power are displayed correctly and the avatar steps up to start riding then doesnt move.

Power and cadence numbers show
consistently but no movement.

Have tried re-pairing the trainer an
d have rebooted the app a number of times.

Any ideas? Perhaps something to do with the new update.

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Must be new update. I’ve raised a ticket.

I think you have hit the nail on the head, that is the typical behaviour you would see if you don’t have a valid subscription.

I’m still no beta for android. As far as I’m aware no way to actually pay for zwift via android device.

(Unless I install zwift on a PC or similar)

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I reported this over the weekend and made it aware on the ticket that I knew on Android it was free. Was told this was an error and was “lucky” to have had it for free. The new update was to stop this.
There is a solution on regards to purchasing it on Android as you were right as this wasn’t an option supposedly in Beta. Log into Zwift (web, not app) and purchase a subscription. So for my Husband and my accounts it said to tick to agree to £12.99 to be charged. When you agree it is 0.01usd or 1p. We both have only been charged 1p and has resumed normal functions on Zwift.

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So you’re saying:

Android Beta is not free ?! :astonished:

Apparently so :woman_shrugging: Unless the guy who responded glazed over the fact I was on Android. I deleted the reponse but said “You were lucky to have it for free. Ha!”


I’ve ‘signed up’. It better be worth the 1p??!! :joy:

I’ve received the same response and was told I had used up my free monthly allowance of 25km! And I now need to subscribe. I was also under the impression that as an Android Beta Test User we were able to access the game for free as we are testers for Zwift. I missed the Giro TT because my Avatar wouldn’t move. Have requested clarification. I’ll try to subscribe for 1p and see how I get on :crossed_fingers:

An allowance of 25km? That isn’t going to go far! They must’ve changed it without any prior notification. I only realised on Saturday night when I went to join the Giro TT and my avatar didn’t move and lost the top left-hand box of completed Watopia Stages. Fortunately I was able to do the TT last night.
Hope you get it for a penny! :crossed_fingers:

Android user too, for months and suddenly got onscreen message of 17 days to use free again, then in game watts worked but avatar didn’t move. So is 1p for free trial then full price for a test user ?

Zwift have been back in touch. Apparently it was never meant to be free and this has been fixed with the latest update. Current “free” android users will now get 25km free and thereafter will have to subscribe. They have recognised that this could have communicated better and will be advising on the Forum in due course. I guess nothing is free so it was great while it lasted and allowed me to sample zwift and get some indoor cycling over the winter.

Told the same. So expecting people to pay the same for beta app as for fully functional app, accept nothing free but should be less. Not best timing as northern hemisphere summer begins

I don’t know about others but Android version was never free for me. Unpaid Zwift accounts get 25 km (not sure how many miles if set to imperial) per month and resets at the beginning of every month. But it allows you to finish the current ride if you ran out of trial, so even if you had 0.1 km remaining this month, you can go for a 100 km ride and it will work.

Not the case for me. I’ve been biking regularly on android for free since January of this year. I don’t mind paying now but I wish zwift would come out and explicitly say what they are doing.

Wow, this sucks. I’ve been paying $14.99/month for a buggy beta version. Not to mention Android beta stopped working for me recently so I ended up buying an iPad to use it. :expressionless:

I’ve been rather frustratingly testing the Android Beta since January. Frustratingly because of the abysmal bluetooth data stability in this app. I am guaranteed to lose my data link at least once in any given ride. Often drops dozens of times and sometimes I’m unable to reconnect it. I used the app at such a poor level of quality only because I was happy to be helping to get it on android. I don’t have a PC, my Macbook Pro was moth balled 5 years ago and I have no iOS devices. Currently I only use android and so want the app to function correctly on the platform.

I was happy to help whilst I was not paying for the privilege of constantly being kicked out of rides, training sessions, events and races.This is not a finished product and for many it barely functions at times. It is an affront to be asked to pay, to help Zwift Inc. dev a product. Once it works and is on general release are Zwift Inc. going to pay me for my work, give me a cut of the profit, discount my subscription for two years? Of course not, so why am I going to pay to help them? Especially when there are other fully dev’d and working apps that I can use for a similar price. Apps with stable Bluetooth and Ant+ links. Apps I was happily using before.

Beta testing is a mutually beneficial process. They get free testing and feedback for their product, across thousands of different devices & millions of equipment permutations to help them build a product they can sell for a profit. I get to help bring the product I want to market, on the platform I need. To ask us to pay for that removes the mutual from the equation. They get all of the benefit and money, I get… to shoulder the expense of new sensors because my cadence and HRM were Ant+. Two new HRM sensors in fact because the first wasn’t recognised by the app. My phone and tablet see the device, other apps see the device, Zwift doesn’t. Why not? Because it’s just an earlyish beta and doesn’t fully implement and support BTE. I was happy to shoulder the £100+ for two HRM monitors and £50 for cadence sensors rather than wait for the final working app and just use my existing Ant+ gear. It was an exchange. I got free use of the app whilst the bugs were being ironed out, they got my help identifying the bugs, we both get a working version of the app at the end. Win, win, win.

Now on top of new sensors you want me to pay the full monthly subscription fee, to use a service/system/app that doesn’t fully and reliably work? That’s a lot of investment on my part with no guarantee that they’ll ever fix the BTE bugs I have or even release a final version at all. It’s an insult to ask us to pay, to work for them. An insult.

My beta testing ends now and currently I am so incensed by this, that I will not be taking up a subscription when the app works properly and is released to market. Pay you, to work for you? Get stuffed!

History: I have been both a paid and unpaid R&D developer in three sports (cycling, windsurfing and kitesurfing). Manufacturers have given me free kit at the very least, I ride it till I break it and I report back to base with feedback, suggestions and changes. I have never been asked to pay to work for any brand during my 35 years of product R&D, not even the postage and packing. I’ve tested and helped develop industry changing designs and manufacturing processes, world championship winning kit, even grand tour winning bikes.

Software isn’t any different. If it’s for the open market (which Zwift app is) then it’s exactly the same. Testers get free access or some discount/benefit. They don’t pay full market price for a none functioning, none proven product, that might never be finished. For a very, very, very late beta or completed pre-release perhaps. Zwift for android doesn’t work on most hardware, isn’t fully featured yet and is still buggy in vital core technologies like BTE. Pay you?

Tell you what, why don’t I send you the bluetooth sensors I needed for your beta, you refund me for the expense of them and we call it quits and go our separate ways? No again huh?

If this is how you treat people that are helping you out, I don’t think I ever want to be ‘just’ a regular paying customer of yours.

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