Mi avatar doesnt move

Hi. Recently i bought a JetBlack whisperdrive. It is fully recognized by zwift on my imac via bluetooth or ANT+.

However, once the race screen appears. My avatar just Stay there. Ir doesnt move.

please help me.

You you post a screenshot of your pairing screen.

I have the same problem.
I use a tacx neo 2 and the android beta version. Yesterday it works all fine.
But today my avatar does not move. But I see the cadence and the power on the screen which seems correctly.

I also have this problem. This the update yesterday, My ride starts by watching someone else and when I select back to me, I’m sitting at the side of road. It is reading my wattage properly from my Kickr Core.

What devices is everyone running Zwift on??

This does not seem normal, did you pair your Kickr in Zwift, once you have everything paired you should click ok. If you click Just watch you will see another rider.

I am paired. The android app updated last night so this was my first attempted ride with the new version.

I paired the the kickr in zwift, chose a route and selected ‘Ride’ as I always do…

However, it defaulted to watching someone else…it has never done that before.

I selected ‘Back to me’ and it switches to me just waiting at the side of the road… the power reading is updating correctly as I pedal though so it is correctly paired.

Same here. Android.

Zwift thinks my free trial has ended.

Says 18 days until next free session.

Thanks Chay. I hadn’t noticed that before. I have the same 18 days before the next free session message.

I use Zwift on a Sony xperia x compact (F5321) with android 8.0.0.
I have also the problem that I see someone else when zwift starts and if I click back to me I am standing at the side of the road. My tacx neo 2 is connected because I can see the cadence and power on the screen which I do on my bike

Did you see this,



I reported this over the weekend and made it aware on the ticket that I knew on Android it was free. Was told this was an error and was “lucky” to have had it for free. The new update was to stop this.
There is a solution on regards to purchasing it on Android as you were right as this wasn’t an option supposedly in Beta. Log into Zwift (web, not app) and purchase a subscription. So for my Husband and my accounts it said to tick to agree to £12.99 to be charged. When you agree it is 0.01usd or 1p. We both have only been charged 1p and has resumed normal functions on Zwift.

Probably not the best time to do this. I guess I’ll take my bike outside and sign up and pay in the fall when the snow makes it very difficult to bike here in Canada. I was hoping I would get some rainy day rides in this summer.

Hi Chay,
We recently updated Android to enforce the 25km trial logic, which is the same as iOS.
We held off on this as long as possible to give our Android community time to test and give us feedback.
Sorry for confusion. You can sign up for an account on the web if you are in an expired state.
Thank you for riding and testing the Beta.

Hi Joshua,
We should have messaged this better.
If you were riding the trial, and now your avatar doesn’t move, it’s because the trial is over.
(You should see a “trial expired” message - that may be a bug if it’s not appearing)
You can sign up for an account on the web.
Sincere thanks for riding and testing the Beta.