Automatic Race Disqialification when exeeding W/Kg for the Category


Would it be possible to Automatically Disqualify the rider exceeding the Category Limits directly form the finishing screen after a race?

Im mostly riding Cat C or D Races, and there are always riders joining the events witch finishes the event with “alot more” W/Kg than announced for these categories. Like Cat D races/winners finishing with 3.4 W/kg…

It is really annoying trying to keep up with other Racers, when these obviously shouldn’t have started in the Race (in the selected Category) in the first place.

Automatically Disqualifying (list them on a separate *Disqualifyed page* ) them at the result board at the end of the race, could be a way of encourage them to choose the correct Category at the next race…



View your results on, they auto-upgrade people who exceed their category

I strongly believe that Zwift should be able to provide a “real-time” / “ingame” solution -and not only rely on “thirdparty” websites to handle it. It’s a never ending story in each Race.

The easiest way of solving this is to just remove the participants which exceed the race category from the result-board at the end .

Instead they could get get a screen with the message: “You exceeded the Race-category and have been disqualified”.

(It’s simple mathematics and easy to program: if average W/KG > Race category = Remove Rider and provide Message-Screen)

And it encourages the rider to select the next upper category in the next race.



I would rather suggest that Zwift use a ranking system and put everyone in the correct Category in the start of the race. then you can go full gas and don’t have to worry about people going over the w/kg.





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Something needs to happen as what we have now is a joke. zwiftpower does an outstanding job but Zwift are washing their hands of having any responsibility for fair racing. Their logic seems to be they don’t want to upset and lose paying customers by taking any action against them.

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It could be usefull to add “warning” for riders above allowed average for the selected category. Just to see if you can keep the wheel, or the rider is above thresholds. Several times I tried to catch someone, but it was only waste of energy…

Zwift could have a message come up at the end of the race, for example ‘Congratulations based on your performance in this race you have been upgraded to B grade Classification, Outstanding racing and Ride on.’ and then have their placing show up in the B Classification screen immediately after in spite of being in the C Classification on entry.

This wouldn’t offend anyone, unless they of course miss out on 1st place in the C’s, but like zwiftpower have a tolerance of say 0.3W/kg built in.

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I agree but once I went so hard and did high cat C when I am cat D for sure by giving it my all. This cant be punished. 


I guess most of us are giving our best when racing, and should be categorized accordingly. If it should happens that i am too fast/strong - do an automatic upgrade or disqualify. (Sure i dont get the result from this one race - but that is less importaint than influencing all the others picking the right category)
At the end what really matters is to keep the predefined categories “clean” and enhance your own w/kg.
Btw i feel that 0.3 w/kg is pritty much tolerance when already running fullgas…
Therefore i would auggest to “stimulate” each participant to compete in their “real”, upper category. Winning doesn’t make you stronger at the end - trying to keep up with the faster ones does…
Let us slower player also have a chance within or categories

It wouldn’t be fair for riders that straddle categories. On good days they would be punished for a good performance 

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