Bump w/kg breaks to the next cat

I raced yesterday AM, 6 of the top 10 & myself #11 got eliminated from results for w/kg breaks

Seems like there should be an algorithm to bump people to the next cat ?

Sorry – I don’t understand. Pardon my ignorance, but you got eliminated from the race results, but you’re in the race results you posted?

Promoting people to another category’s results doesn’t make sense, because before the race riders in B can see who’s registered in the B race and they can set their tactics based on that. A rider could beat everyone else in the B’s and not win because 3 guys from C’s got promoted. Instead riders should enter the correct category. Otherwise categories don’t make any sense… they become arbitrary slices taken in consolidated results.

Yes the companion app showed 6 of the top 10 were eliminated from power results

I see your point but I believe there are many out there that are not flagrantly trying to break the limits – they get caught in this grey area

They could be bumped to the next category with a time penalty thus encouraging them to plan more carefully

I’m guessing he means that he was DQ’d in ZwiftPower for going over the w/kg limits, but of course he’ll still appear in the race results on the Companion app.

In the early days of ZwiftPower, quite a lot of races did have a feature where if you went over category limits you would get promoted to the next category, almost as though you did ride with them in the first place. However this wasn’t popular, I’m guessing for the reason you’ve described above - if as a B you got beaten by a promoted C who you didn’t realise you were supposed to be racing against, it’s got to suck - so most race organisers now don’t use that option and just choose to DQ those who go over the limits.

However there still are a handful of races that use that rule (but not many) including one that has everyone ride in category E, then puts them in the correct category after the race is over based on their performance.

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