Over w/kg dq

Why have people in the results if they are over the w/kg?

I did a C race and 16 racers in front of me finished over 3.2. I understand and use Zwift Power but I’m not sure why Zwift doesn’t do the same and just show upg or something.

Was this your Evo CC race?

In Zwiftpower you were 12th and only 2 riders in front of you were over 3.2wkg 20min avg in the final results. Using 95% of the 20min avg and the .1wkg tolerance allowed, those 2 are fine. The others that were over the category limits were auto-promoted to Cat B in this instance (some/most race organisers would configure to DQ them with UPG or WKG).

See the below thread and if you are game to read through, you will see that Zwift are going to introduce tools that will help deal with the low-life sandbaggers.


I see the results in zwift power but I was wondering about the results on zwift itself. That’s where 16 riders were over cat limits. Seems like the C class has the worst offenders lol. I will read through the article you sent and thank you for answering.

Yep, D and C are terrible. To save reading it all, it looks as though Zwift will start putting us in the right category when we enter a race, which sorts sandbaggers. That will evolve to some form of ranking (I think) that will hopefully then sort cruisers (the people that purposely stay in a lower cat just to win).

But do “watch” that thread as you will likely see specifics from the Zwift team now and then as to what is coming and roughly when.

We are lucky a couple of private guys took it on themselves to build ZP in the first place - racing could be even worse I imagine :thinking:

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