Over C cat limit?

Hi all. I just did an Anti-sandbagging crit city race. The person who won in C is over 3.2 w/kg for 95% of 20 minutes. I thought that would be a DQ. Is there some latitude? (And yes I’m a little miffed I just missed the podium. :wink:) Thanks!


Zwiftpower doesn’t use only w/kg. Plus there’s a 0.1w/kg allowance for people who entered the right category, which they’re under.


Thanks for the reply, Dave. I wrote that too soon. Upon further review, I’m pretty sure the exception here was the person’s low weight.

Can you point me to that .1 w/kg allowance rule?

Excellent. Thanks!

Not to go too OT, but I’ve hunted around the ZP website, but can never find the same areas that helpful folks on the forums are snapshotting to post in these threads. Shouldn’t this be laid out somewhere easy to find and reference on the zp website?

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Zwift locked the ZP forum a while back, and a few weeks ago amended the link to it so you can’t openly navigate to it any more. You need to know the direct URL, like this: ZwiftPower - Login

The background colours etc are broken.

Awesome thanks! They do have an FAQ section that works… that’s where I would have thought this info would be. but hey whatever