Why no DQs when w/kg above category

Ok so why is zwiftpower not disqualifying sandbaggers? The top three in my race today (and 5 of the top 9) were at watts/kg above the range for the category they raced in.

Most events that use Category Enforcement don’t disqualify riders who exceed the category limits. They just get promoted to a new category for next time (if they truly exceeded the limits).

The category boundaries are defined here:


Nobody blatently exceeded Category Enforcement pen D boundaries for zFTP or zMAP in your race today, if I’m looking at the correct race.

5th might be very marginally over at approx 2.77W/Kg (from live data, might change when data processed) for 25mins32secs and will be promoted if their zFTP has exceeded 2.625W/Kg (a prediction for 40-60mins), after any other D races they signed up for before this race.