Why no disqualification?

Just simply out of interest, did a race where the racer who finished first had 3.33wkg (95% of 20min power), yet no DQ? I believe the Cat C limit is 3.2wkg yeh?

According to the rules on Cat enforcement, shouldn’t this be a DQ?

Is this because of a grace? Can someone confirm the grace limit?

Zwift HQ runs that event and they don’t DQ riders for going above the category limit. There’s a good chance the rider will end up in B category for their next race though. Their ZwiftPower profile may not update until the next event. This rider was previously in B and hasn’t raced in Zwift since the end of April, so they got downgraded to C based on low power numbers in the last 90 days and chose to ride in that category.

Brilliant to know, thanks for the response! Do you know if there’s an updated article or anything to explain these new rules? Whenever I do a google all I can find is the old style DQ and Cat enforcement rules!

The only document I know of is the Category Enforcement FAQ but I doubt it will satisfy your questions