ATV4K "Device Limit" with phantom sensor requiring app restart


  • ATV4k 2022, running latest version (1.4.2) of Zwift, app terminated between uses.
  • Latest version (3.47.1) of Companion App on Android.
  • Polar H10 HRM, Garmin HRMPro+, Tacx NEO2T.


Riding along, decide to switch to different HRM. Go to Pairing screen, unpair Polar H10, attempt to pair HRMPro+ but get a “Device Limit” error.

No idea why it’s doing this. It’s like Zwift is remembering a phantom connection to the H10.

:white_check_mark: SOLUTION:

Save ride, quit program, re-enter program. Attempt to pair exact same sensors - no issues. Resultant pairing screen after a restart:

It should not, however, have happened in the first place.