Zwift Play too many bluetooth connections

Tried bioth ways and same issue

Started using Zwift play today,all ok,but the blue lit up Z buttons on each play unit kept flashing during the ride,is this normal🤔

Were all the functions working in the ride whilst they were flashing?

Didnt even get that far Stuart as couldn’t get connected

My reply was for Peter

This sounds similar to this issue linked below. Did it persist after rebooting Apple TV and rebooting the phone?

Hi @Richard_Davies4 welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here - there’s a lot of very experienced fellow Zwifters sharing their knowledge, but I can see things in your server logs that they of course can’t.

  1. One thing I’m seeing is that your Apple TV is on a slightly older version of tvOS (16.1.0). Apple’s Support site says the latest version is 16.5. Can we start by manually updating ATV’s operating system? Sometimes, this makes a difference, and at minimum, we’re eliminating a variable that might not be a factor for others.

  2. It may be helpful here to reset the main Zwift app so that it “forgets” the devices it’s paired to in the past. On an AppleTV - the only way to do that is to uninstall Zwift and reinstall. Would you try that once you’ve updated tvOS? Did that clear up this issue?

  3. If no - please be sure both controllers are fully charged. Fully charging is important for the next step

  4. We’re in the middle of a phased rollout of new firmware v1.1.0 for Play. By tomorrow, it will be available to all Play owners. Here’s a link to the how-to video. 99% sure firmware v1.0.0 vs v1.1.0 is NOT a root cause for your issue, but more as an FYI to eliminate variables for further triage.

The pairing screen is quite unintiitive IMHO for pairing through Companion, so it’s very easy to not be doing it correctly.

You need to press the button called (something like) Pair Via Companion, and then it switches to a different Pairing screen that has an icon for your phone at top right. Companion needs to be running and BT on on your phone or it won’t see your phone.

Whem you’ve switched to this different Pairing screen the button changes to “Pair Via Bluetooth” which is the confusing bit for me - this button looks kind of like a title for the screen but in fact it’s a button to change to the screen of that name (to go back to pairing via your ATV).

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It seems like your ATV is automatically trying to connect to those devices since it had “seen” them before. You could try to do a reset of your ATV and make sure that you don’t re-pair your devices.

Yes Stuart.Since I last posted I’m having connection problems ok on my iPad,Apple tv is a nightmare,on 43.00

My Apple TV will show 4 of the play controllers but only two of them will show fully charged and WIFI which is great but I’m already using my three blue tooth connection for my trainer, power and heart monitor. Now when I go into my Companion app which I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it it will pick up my Kickr trainer and nothing else. Apple tv OS 16.5 and Companion is 3.48 if this helps.

What’s the status of fixing the blue tooth connection between the controllers and the Companion app. I tried again last night and the Companion app would not recognize the Controllers. If not fixed soon I would like to start the return process please. No use having something that won’t connect through the Companion app through my Apple TV.

It’s being looked at. There are threads about it in the Zwift Shop section.

Well can you give me the hyper link to fixes since they still will not connect to the Companion app through Apple TV or my iPhone

Not sure why I have to investigate the fixes for this issue.

sith ATV I found deselecting the controllers on the companion app selection , then re-selecting enabled them to connect !

I have exactly this issue. Where should I be looking for answers? I have spent far more time trying to pair devices than I have Zwifting. A complete waste of time. Apple TV has been hopeless for me. I’ve emailed Zwift support twice without acknowledgement.

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Any chance we could get the Zwift Play to be the controller for the Apple TV this getting rid of one of the channel limits?

I have my Kickr5 Ethernet connected making only my HRM and Apple TV Remote requiring a connection via Bluetooth. That means currently I have one channel open - does that mean that if I got the Zwift Play would I pair just the controllers to the Companion app or could I pick which connection I wanted to connect to the companion app?


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Unfortunately when I connect via companion, my smartbike SB20, won’t show up as controllable.

When I hide the ZwiftPlays out of connection range. The smartbike does show up as controllable

I managed to connect everything correct once. But I’m not able to replicate.

So problem:
When connecting through companion, only my powermeters will show up, and not my controllable bike. The zwiftplays wil also connect
(Atv, sb20, and iPhone 13)

(When I try to run Zwift completely only phoneapp, the same problem occurs—>bike not controllable)

When it worked it was a really nice experience!

why didnt zwift play connect to the zwift hub, which would mean all the BT didnt have to be routed through the companion app ( and local network) to the apple tv ?

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