Apple Watch 2 Not working correctly and Not turning off

Hello, so have been trying to get my apple watch to work with zwift and got it to start working for about 10 mins.


It then wasn’t reading on the watch face or connecting to my phones mobile link.  The watch still had the green light on afterwards and would be the default screen when looking at the watch.  I think it was still working in the background because I had all the data points afterward and it just never showed on the watch face or mobile link on my phone after 10 mins or so.


Also after the workout, my watch still had the workout symbol at the watch screen and the zwift mobile face would still be active when I would look at the watch.  I would have to turn off my watch to stop the work off activity and turn off the HR light.

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Hi Christopher, 

Using the Apple Watch as a HR monitor with Zwift can be a bit tricky, so I recommend following all of the steps in our KB article (if you haven’t already).

Our team is aware of the issue of the Apple Watch staying paired after Zwift has been closed. The team is working on a fix, but in the meantime, you may have to force quit the app after use. Thanks for your patience while we work to improve the Apple Watch connection with Zwift! 

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