Apple Watch update, HR not working

I’ve been using my apple watch via zwift for months with no problem.

I follow the usual procedure

  1. Open zwift on iPad
  2. Start the turbo trainer
  3. Open zwift companion
  4. Put watch on ‘do not disturb mode’

This has been working fine.

But since the latest Apple Watch update - this all works fine to start, but after a short while the watch appears to go in to sleep mode and the HR unpairs. Even waking the watch up doesn’t repair it.

So frustrating. Anyone else had this issue recently?


Yes. The Apple Watch has become extremely unreliable in Zwift. What seems to work best is right before journey ride, swipe up on your watch and turn off WiFi. Then start your ride as normal. Give it a shot and let me know. Good luck.

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Thank you so much. That has fixed the problem.

So weird that is now causing it, but v pleased to have HR back.