Apple TV (new) App -ETA

Me too please. Thanks.

Hello, any update in the TVOS app ETA?

I’m registered, ready, willing, and waiting! Bring on the Apple TV app :slight_smile:



(This is a duplicate post from the Beta Program page, since we never get any feedback there). I just got my Apple TV 4K today, installed the new Beta thru Flight Deck and was certain everything would be fixed. But the first thing you see is a popup telling you to go to the Apple TV Settings/Bluetooth and delete one device.  I usually use the Remote app on my iPhone, so I unsynced that from the Apple TV and used the Apple remote.  Still no go.  You have to have some remote to control the game?  Help!

When riding, I got HR and Power, but no cadence, even though all 3 had paired.

I’m HIGHY INTERESTED in Zwift for Apple TV (4K). Have subscribed for the beta several times, but never heard a word from them.

Hope it will come soon.

I am so disappointed with Zwift. I have sent multiple requests for the beta programme and was told it would be sent. Didn’t hear a thing and now I learn there is a new version.

I spent my entire career in the IT sector, mostly in software and cannot remember such a convoluted Beta process for deploying a stable app on a new platform. Even when the code was millions of lines of old fashioned rubbish.

Sort yourselves out Zwift. Assuming that one day you want to sell your business you do not want the reputation of being the slowest to deploy software company on the market.

Zwift, please can I be part of the Beta testing? I will happily pay for the privilege…I’ve been checking weekly for a TVOS update/release date since Jan and cant take it anymore! Best, Col

Ditto - signed up several times but no mail. Please add me as I’ve now got the new 4K Apple TV and really want to try it

Does the app. works on Apple TV 3rd generation ?

Also very interested in the beta for Zwift on Apple TV.  Please sign me up!

Please add me to the list as well for 4th gen

Hello can you add me and I will Test with My AppleTV Box.

I received the apple tv 4k, please let me be the test member!!!

Hello Dev team. I updated to iOS 11 and Zwift will no longer work. Abruptly quits to home screen Everytime I launch the application on my iPhone 6. Any timing on an update to the Apple TV? I’d love to have a back up way to use Zwift when iOS isn’t working.


Dear Zwift (Jon M?) . I specifically purchased the latest Apple TV 4K 64GB device for my Zwift Cave (don’t need it for anything else).  I’ve been waiting for the Zwift TVos version to come out, but the wait seems futile.  Can you please throw my name in the Beta program? 




Would love to be part of the Zwift for tvOS beta! Can someone add me please?



I’m a newcomer to zwift as of about two months ago, would love to be a part of any future tvOS betas as well!

I’d like to be a beta tester of this  since I’ve just purchased an Apple TV 4K 64G. I was one of the very 1st french Zwift testers 3 years ago and would really like to help on this as well ! Cheers William

Can I also get an invite? Apple TV 4th generation user so definitely this is a must!

Hi I’m about to buy an iPhone x and will therefore I longer have the option to connect Lightning to HDMI. Is there
Any update on Apple TV support yet as it’s clear this is desperately required?