Apple TV (new) App -ETA


is there a date for the release of an app for the new Apple TV that I will be able to download.? I understand is still in beta and despite applying twice or more to be a beta tester it ain’t happened and I am beginning to regret ever buying the new Apple TV, which I purchased primarily to use zwift on.

Thanks in advance 

We’ll probably release it end of summer or early fall.  We’ve not gotten much feedback from our beta testers yet and I think we will wait until Apple tvOS11 comes out so we can make that the minimum OS requirement.

Check your email - you may have an invite.

Then I try again at this point. Yesterday I chatted with the support and asked where my invitation is - I have been registered since the first days.

Hi, I have sign up and never receive an invite,  how can I get one?

Hey Jon
Still not got an invite to the beta tester for Apple TV, I can also do tvOS 11 if needed.

Hey Jon,

i also haven’t received an invite for Apple TV. As a frequent zwift user I could provide a ton of feedback!



Seems as though there is a lot of people in the same boat.  I have just made the switch to a 4th gen hoping to get this sorted as a stand alone setup.  I have bee making stands for screen etc…  Happy to give consistent feed back, as I’m about to commence training for 12 weeks for a 4 stage tour in In Australia.





P.S. I too have applied… 

Hi, I would also love to join the AppleTV trial.

Sent a couple of emails to the team but did not get any response so far…

Thanks in advance for your support


Me too me too! Sign me up for the test (which I did myself so many times already) thanks!!!

The last ‘test’ version of tvOS Zwift we had available was about 60 days ago. The next test/beta build will be out in mid September and we’ll be inviting many hundreds (possibly thousands) more once that is out.  

Good news. Thank you Jon. Ride On!

Please invite me when the beta is available, Jon. Otherwise I may have to call you out on ZVA! Ha! :wink:

Could I can an invite to the next beta version? I promise to give fantastic and unbelievably constructive feedback :wink:

I cannot wait to get the zwift on my Apple TV, as soon as Zwift announced that they are devolving zwift app for Apple TV gen 4 I went out bought one straight away and signed up to beta testing but just like others I was not picked. It is going to be great not have to use my phone worry about not having enough battery and so on. 

Please can I also get an invite for next beta release, I will be doing around 6-7 rides per week so will provide plenty of feedback.


As someone who is currently in the beta test I have given feedback but there is no acknowledgement that those were seen or any communication as to what feedback you are looking for with each build. There were 2 builds that were released that I wasn’t even aware of and was still using the original build. I just happened to open Test Flight and found the 2 newer builds and then updated to the most recent. I get that a beta test during the summer is probably not going to get you a wealth of feedback but at the same time there should at least be some more 2-way communication even if it is just a mass email to say “oh by the way, there is a new build to assess”. That said I do love using that Apple TV app and do hope a new build is available pretty quick as I only have 3 days left and quite frankly don’t want to go back to my previous solutions. 

I too signed up for Zwift’s beta program to test on the Apple TV several times and haven’t heard a word from them. In fact, the first time I signed up was the day they announced the beta program!

Nowadays, the PC I was using for Zwift has had to be used for other purposes. So, I have had to temporarily quit Zwift with the idea that I would be able to re-join and Zwift on my 4th generation Apple TV more sooner than later. But, I still haven’t heard anything from them. Moreover, I am also beta testing tvOS 11 so maybe that will help place me on the mid September Zwift Apple TV beta test list!

P.S., Way before Zwift ever announced that they were going to have an app for the Apple TV, on Zwift’s Facebook group, I was the guy that posted my deep desire to see Zwift on my newly purchased 4th gen. Apple TV. That is, I’ve been holding my breath for this for a very long time! :smiley:

So the latest build was released yesterday and I loaded it up last night. It was a long day at work so no riding. But again this is what they want us to test:

What To Test:

Same Zwift you know and love, now on tvOS. Please test your bluetooth devices and let us know if you find yourself getting stuck anywhere in the user interface.

This will be more important for the new Apple TV with the ability to run 5 Bluetooth devices. Keyboard and Trackpad? We will find out! I did quickly poke around and my biggest gripe was selecting workouts. They seem to have cleaned that up a lot. Riding IRL tonight so I will try it out on Wednesday after work. Pumped!

As stated above I would be happy to join the trial. Any chance that my registration is taken into consideration?


bump for beta acceptance…

Yes I too would love to help test. Applied for the invitation quite a while ago.