Apple TV beta testers

I would like to know if it’s possible to become a beta tester for the new Apple TV interface that will appear shortly after the global pandemic is beginning to settle down? Alternatively, is there a way to get hold of this new interface through TestFlight?

Many thanks.

Hi, Where are you getting the info about apple tv update for zwift? i have issues with not being able to sprint/have adequate resistance on the flats. is this just a proposed interface issue or are they finally going sort some serious issues out that are probably losing them subscribers who get fed up with poor experience.

From a very reliable source on Zwift Runners Facebook group. I also read about this in my Google News Feed a short while back, saying it was bringing the new UI to Apple TV first, but will not release it yet due to the huge amount of new users and the problems it will cause to existing and new. Also, Apple TV is the most difficult platform to succeed in, due to the very poor capability of the remote control.

I am mainly interested in it from a runners perspective, but if it can`t be got hold of from TestFlight then I guess we will all have to wait for it to be released officially.

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