Apple TV (new) App -ETA

4th time of asking to be added, now in 4K Apple TV boat aswell, please don’t let this be a 4th ignore. Many others in the same boat

Jon Mayfield’s comment on FB insinuated that Zwift had enough testers and the next step would release in the near future although there are some technical limitations around BT that was causing Zwift to have to re-evaluate how it will function (maybe with the use of Zwift Mobile Link ). Of course Zwift could change directions at any time making Jon’s comments old news.

Hi Dev team, just got an Apple TV 4K, any chance Zwift will be coming out with an app soon?

Would love an invite!

How can I get an invite? I have two apple TV 4K and I would love an invite.

I asked the question 3 weeks ago. No one replied or sent invites.
The realest should happen within a few weeks regardless