Apple TV - Kickr Direct Connect & Ethernet?

Due to the location of my trainer set up I struggle to get a stable WiFi connection, because of this I use an Ethernet cable (via one of those power line connectors) to connect to my router. However this means I am somewhat stuck with just the 2 Bluetooth connections (as the WiFi is not stable enough to use the companion app as a bridge). Is there a way I could use the direct connect that Wahoo make along with the current set up or is there an alternative option (I just got a tickrX last week so not sure I want to go the 4iiii HRM route).

Your Kickr will just use one connection for power/cadence/controllable, leaving you the second free for a HRM.

Yes but I find that the Kickr’s cadence is trash, I’ll be grinding at about 70rpm and it tells me I’m doing 120. I’d like to be able to use the cadence sensor I have.

There is no Zwift support for the Direct Connect on any platform at the moment, feel free to add your vote to the Wahoo Direct Connect Adapter feature request…


Done and done!

I have also looked at the NPE cable but the postage to the U.K. is now more than the unit!

The NPE website lists several European distributors including one in the U.K.

An alternative to the NPE Cable is the 4iiii Viiiiva HRM. Based on feedback from friends, I am under the impression the Cable is awesome. Personally, I have been using the Viiiiva HRM for over 3yrs and love it.

NPE looks ace but sadly the only U.K. dist has it at almost the same price as buying it direct including delivery :tired_face:

Have you considered using Powerline adapters to give you a stable connection where your trainer is?

That’s exactly what I use of the Apple TV and the trainer is stable in its connection but I want a 3rd connection to a proper cadence sensor as the built in one on the tickr x and kickr are bobbins

Use a Power line with Wifi. This will enable you to use your companion app as a bridge.