Apple TV 4k remote issues

Yes the Apple 4K works great with FulGaz just shame the hart rate monitor issue remains with that.

wish I’d found this thread before I bought the silver remote out of sheer desperation of trying to use the siri remote. I too find the touch pad unusable, i spend way too long trying to select a route.

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I am not an Apple product person. I just bought the Apple TV 4K specifically for Zwift (as I thought my older Apple TV remote was broken), AND I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE WITH THE REMOTE apparently being almost dead, but only in Zwift. The only reason I am on Zwift is because I use it together with some friends. I fidn unbelievable that this thread goes back 2 years and the sae problem still isn’t fixed. You will find me on Rouvy!

Same issue here.
I was using an iPad before for Zwift which works just fine.

Bought an Apple TV 4K specifically for Zwift.
Remote works just fine in every app except for Zwift.

In Zwift the remote is nearly dead.
And Zwift does not accept input from my Logitech Harmony.

Seeing how long this topic is, and the issue is still there I will consider going to another platform, as Zwift to me is not usable on an Apple TV like this.

After seeing that this issue is going on for 2 years by now I gues it is time to try Fulgaz instead.
Not willing to accept the way it works now.

can zwift please make an update so I can use my function101 remote on my apple tv 4k ?

The Apple TV siri remotes keep failing and supplies are low to restock them. The function101 remote solves all the problems but it won’t work on zwift.

Agree with the above. Previously used Zwift on my iPad, bought a tv and 5th gen apple TV for the home gym (brand new) and remote is useless in Zwift but works perfectly in all other apps.

How is it that there is no progress in 2 years? :scream:


Wow. New user here.It’s really disappointing to see that this has been going on for more than two years. Apple TV is still almost unusable.

I beg to differ.
AppleTV 4k is fantastic for Zwift.


Well. That settles it then, doesn’t it?

Here I was thinking I had the same issue that countless other posters have been seeing for two years, but now you’ve set me straight!

Thanks, Dan!


“Almost unusable” seems like quite an exaggeration. Sure, the remote is a bit of a pain but it still works and is just more fiddly sometimes than it needs to be.

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Yes, I find it also difficult to use the remote, but it works.
For example, trying to select a workout, or change your FTP in a workout is for me really a struggle.

Hi - I too recently got an AppleTV (latest generation Dec 2020) to upgrade my setup from running on my iPhone (with Saris H3 and Garmin HRM Dual), and I too have been driven to distraction by the remote. It’s so easy to navigate the ATV with the remote, and almost unusable in the game. However I just had an epiphany. I went out to the garage to put the remote on charge (it was 87% as it turned out) and I thought I’d just play around in the game whilst not rushing to a workout. I skipped through all the trainer connectivity and went into the routes selection screen and tried out different methods with the remote (set to Medium sensitivity in the iOS settings). I’ve found that I can make it work reliably with the left/right thumb swish if I start in the middle and move only slightly to the desired side. (I’ve been swiping from left-to-right or right-to-left previously)

I’m surprised to say I can now navigate the worlds, the routes, the workouts and the plans!

I’d encourage others to experiment like I did. I’m now not about to throw the AppleTV in the bin!

YMMV, but Hey! It’s worth a try, right?

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Yeah, it works better if thought of as a touchpad rather than a phone.

Turning the sensitivity down helps as well.

Just thought I’d add to this and was horrified to find that this has been a problem for years. Why hasn’t the problem been fixed in the App? It’s clearly an app problem as the remote works find in other apps. I haven’t tried using the phone as remote, and will, but still.

I bought an Apple 4K last weekend. Cranked up Zwift quickly. Watched a Youtube Video for some Zwift tips for AppleTV. Once i learned how to properly use the trackpad on the remote, it’s been flawless for me.


Wait, you ounce like you’re suggesting there is a ‘way to use the track pad’ that I’m missing. I’d be interested to know what that way is, or where I can read about it

@gordon_robb1 I was putting my finger on the remote track pad and trying to make it work like I would on a Mac or my PC touchpad. The remote with Apple TV track pad took a little different technique. It seems to work better when you touch it a bit firmly (no click) and then move your finger in one swipe. It doesn’t have a cursor like a Mac, but the selection choices are easily scrolled through - routes, ride with, workouts, etc.

Once I got this down, it was much more enjoyable. I will say the first day I had ATV and didnt know how the remote worked, I was ready to toss it entirely. Now, it’s working great.

I simply searched YouTube for AppleTV + Zwift and there were a couple helpful instructions.

It’s interesting that you’re getting it to work. But I’d imagine you weren’t getting the remote to work in other apps the way you were doing it. The tap and flick (as I call it) is how to use the remote, and that is what is working in everything on Apple TV, other than in Zwift (for most folk). For the record it is not that it doesn’t work at all, it is that it is hit and miss whether you land on the button you want.

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Recently I came to the conclusion that flick doesn’t work and leaves you with the Roulette wheel experience. Touch and slide works just fine. I was amazed!

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