Android support of controllable

Hello, I found a strainge problem, I have a indoor bike Nexgim, which can be connect using bluetooth (NOT ANT+).

When using PC, Nexgim can be connect by zwift as controllable through bluetooth.

However, when using android, zwift cannot connect Nexgim as controllable.

Any suggestions?

Hello @space_cool welcome to Zwift forums.

You may have to give the Zwift app permission to access the Bluetooth hardware on your Android device.

When you ran the Zwift app for the first time, the app should have asked you for permissions to access the Locations folder. In Android, Bluetooth permissions are buried under the Location permission (it’s not obvious, but that’s the reason).

If you denied permission to the Location folder, you can allow permissions for the Zwift app. How-to has been discussed here. If you’re running the newest version of Android, it’s buried under two levels of folders.

Alternately - you can uninstall the Zwift app, then reinstall, and give permissions the next time.

Hello, @shooj.

I’ve already given the permissions to both zwift and companion app. Please refer to attached picture.

However, on android, the bike can only be connected as normal device, controllable cannot find this bike.

On pc no problem.

both platform, I’m using bluetooth, not ant+.

Best Regards

Thank you for checking that setting, and also attaching screenshots.

Controllable trainers should connect without issue over Bluetooth, so this is puzzling why it does not. One possibility is that it might be specific to that Android device. Would you have a different Android device to test?

Yes, very strange, I’m using huawei P20 PRO, and no second android device to test.

Thank you for listing the phone model. Huawei P20 Pro is being used successfully by members in this thread. Let’s assume for a moment that the phone is not the issue.

Is this the Nexgim exercise bike you have? It is not on Zwift’s list of supported trainers. The specs say “Bluetooth 5.0,” but this does not mean that the bike is designed to work with Zwift in mind. There are exercise equipment companies that make Bluetooth-capable products that only work with their own proprietary fitness apps.

Wish I had better news for you, but we can’t say that this bike will work.

Yes, it’s this nexgim, the most strange thing is when I’m using PC version zwift, can successfully connect to this bike in controllable mode.

tried uninstall and reinstall, also not work. @shooj. PC still works. :sweat_smile:

may I ask anyone knows why this happens?
any way to get it work on Android device?


all i can suggest is that you try and connect it as controllable before pairing it for power and cadence, the others will auto connect after that

really thanks.
this time it works, not sure whether it’s due to todays update

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I just got this bike and I’m having problems connecting it as ‘Controllable’ on all platforms.

Is yours working consistently on all platforms? Windows and Android?

Thanks in advance!

which bike did you get?

I encountered the same problem, reboot ipad and solved it :rofl:

The release firmware does not support Controllable, you need to contact customer service to upgrade the firmware :rofl: :rofl: