My flux 2 paired, but not the cadance and controllable

I just paired my flux 2 with Zwift, but the candance and controllable don’t pair, so i can’t ride on Zwift.

You might need to let us know which operating system you are using, if you connect via bluetooth or Ant+ and if you have been able to pair it previously and no longer able to or you are trying for the first time before we can help.

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Windows 10 with bluetooth on a new laptop

With an other laptop i can connect right. With the new laptop i can’t

I don’t know if this is still how it has to be done (been a while since I used bluetooth).

When i searched for controllable first nothing would pair but if you search for power source first it should show up, once that is paired go back and search for controllable and it should show up and you can then pair it (same for cadence)

this is also what I had to do for android.

if this doesn’t work then an ant+ dongle may be the way to go. They are quite cheap on amazon.

Might be related to the recent updates. More info here: Bluetooth broke with update [September 2021] [1.17.0] [Windows10] [SOLVED] - #80 by Dave_Konicek