Huawei p20 pro compatibility

(Ian) #1

Hello there, im thinking of getting the Huawei P20 Pro and was wondering if anyone knows if zwift will run on it with a hdmi lead to the tv.
Many thanks in advance!!!

(James) #2

I use a p20 pro and no problems whatsoever. Unsure on the Hdmi cable option though. Just use a quad lock on the stem, screen is just big enough.

(Mark) #3

I use my p20 pro with a random usb c to hmdi converter. Works in both phone and “desktop mode”

(Ian) #4

Brilliant thanks

(Chris) #5

Not if Trump gets his way!!

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(Paul) #6

Those Chinese fellas will be harvesting and selling your power data… :crazy_face:

(Chris) #7

not sure my watts would get them much money!

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