Controllable wont connect

Hi everyone.
Never had a problem before 2 days ago. Zwift would log me in but kept saying no.routed available.
No it will load but the controllable will not connect. I have tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling disconnecting everything bluetooth and reconnecting and still the power source and cadence are fine but no controllable even when I search for it.
Please help…real tears of frustration here


I don’t know if I’ll be able to help, but the next question likely to be asked is: What is your set up?

So, if you can provide the following information it would be helpful:

Make/Model of Trainer
How are you connecting to Zwift (PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Apple TV, etc.)
Are you using Bluetooth or ANT+?
If ANT+, are you using a dongle and, if so, is it on an extension cable close to the bike?
Are you on WiFi or hardwired?
Can you post a picture of your pairing screen?
Where are you physically located? (There seem to be some ISP issues in various parts of the globe.)

There are likely other questions, but those are the ones I see most often with questions like yours.


are you running bluetooth music?
and what is your trainer?

Hi paul
Not running any music or anything else no.
I have a Tacx Flus S

Hi Jeffrey
Thabks for this…details are…
Tacx flux s
I connect via a laptop and usually use my phone on the ap also but switched that off when trying to connect
I use bluetooth on wireless internet
I’m in Wales

Partner is fine to connect and use myn trainger on Rouvy which is what he uses and my internet is fine.

Hi @Louise_Lou welcome to Zwift forums.

@Nigel_Tufnel’s thinking correctly on the troubleshooting questions.

Because I work at Zwift HQ, I can see you’re on a Windows machine. Did the laptop do a Windows patch recently? One thing you could try for ID a cause is rolling back that patch using System Restorej. However, there will always be a need to patch Windows so it’s not a long-term fix.

You might try updating the Windows Bluetooth drivers if you’re using the laptop’s built-in Bluetooth capabilities. If you’re using a USB dongle for Bluetooth, update that drive from the manfuacturer site.

On the trainer end - have you update the firmware using the manufacturer’s app recently? Perhaps a revision to the older firmware would restore better function?

Thirdly - are you pairing the trainer directly to the laptop? Have you tried using the Zwift Companion app to create a Bluetooth bridge?

Hi there.
Thanks for your help.
I checked for updates and drivers like you said and updated from my manufacturer’s website.
However now it wont connect at all and the bluetooth has completely stopped working and wont even attempt to look for anything so it looks like it’s got a whole lot worse now.
In my drivers there were 4 incl tacx this has now disappeared with 2 others I cant remember the name of

Went through and it briefly had all connected but when entered a ride it would not move me despite me obviously peddling. I came our of zwift and restarted and now I have nothing and thare is nothing if I search


Look for an email - want to send you a possible fix.