Elite Direto XR Controllable not working anymore

Hi, I hope you can help me. I have an Elite Direto XR since one week and the first few rides on Zwift went great. I bought an Ant+ stick so I could pair my heartrate too. When I connected Zwift to Ant+ the controllable wasn’t working anymore. I did it like this:

I allready tried to unpair and pair again, but also when I connect to bluetooth again, the controllable still doesn’t work. Do I miss anything? I hope you can help me!

Just as a thought… An issue that has affected many Zwifters at some point is that a trainer, as a rule, may only have a single ANT+ connection and/or a single BT connection. Oftentimes, users at some point connect their trainer to multiple devices or multiple applications - either because they test different devices, or because they want to calibrate their trainer and use vendor’s software for that. On telephones, a program which one “closes” oftentimes just gets minimized, goes into background and still runs there. If it so happens that several applications or several devices are trying to connect to the same trainer and compete for the same connection, or try to connect via different protocols, the outcome depends on who was faster. The test which oftentimes is also the fix is to really disconnect the trainer from all applications and devices which are not needed. Oftentimes, reliable ways to do it is to shut down or reboot the device or turn off bluetooth.

Give it a try, maybe it helps…

Hi Andrei,

It was not just a thought, it was the solution :slight_smile:
I disconnected bluetooth on my phone and laptop and connected to Zwift. Directly after I joined a world to ride I heard the sound of the trainer adjusting the resistance. So problem solved! Thank you!

The only thing I need to examine is what device is causing the issue and how I can disconnect them from Zwift, but I will look into this in the evening. Thanks again for the help!