Android 12 Zwift Companion app crash [3.32.0] [February 2022 ] [SOLVED]

We are aware of Zwift Companion crashes happening on Android 12.

Symptom 1
After joining an event using Companion and setting a reminder for this event - the Companion app may crash.

Symptom 2
Your Companion app may crash when it notifies you that someone you favorited started Zwifting.

Symptom 3
When using Companion as a bridge to pair your trainer’s Bluetooth signals, Companion may crash when you click on the Bluetooth icon.

We are working on debugging these issues as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any of these, please follow this thread for updates.


I’m glad this has been identified and acknowledged. It’s very difficult to communicate on a group ride or to use other of the features when it’s crashing dozens of times over an hour to hour and a half.


Is the reminder crash related to them being broken since the December update? (setting to ask or set by default was broken, but could set them manually until this update)

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In the few second companion stayed open I went to settings and turned off all notifications. Now companion at least stays open. Not sure how good this will be as a workaround.

Zwift companion app is unable to find any devices on andrioid. Is this related?


Same problem for me, no Bluetooth devices on android 12


I’m having the same connection issue also. Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon.

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If you mean to say that you’re using the Companion app to bridge the trainer’s Bluetooth signals to the game app - yes, that’s one of the bugs being worked on.

UPDATE: all three of these bugs are top priority and we have high confidence all of them can be fixed this week. I’ll update as there’s more news to pass along.


on android, no crash for me but also no notifications

this hasn’t worked for some time - enabled in settings but does not crash or create google calendar reminders

It isn’t just Android. Companion dropped 3 times during my workout - less than ideal - while using my iPad 8 (OS 15.2 - hadn’t updated to 15.3 yet). It came back up each time in less than 30-45 seconds but still troublesome. Was running Zwift on Android (Galaxy S10+ with 12). Both devices on same network at 1gb speed, FYI.

any idea why the update wasnt rolled back immediately? many of us are unable to zwift without the companion app

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The reminders setting was broken in December, but it didn’t crash when manually setting reminders until this new update. You can still “add to calendar,” but you have to make sure the “set reminder” toggle is off.

UPDATE: Progress on the fixes for all three issues is going well. We’re finishing up the testing work and hope to have this released tomorrow if all goes well.

We appreciate your patience. Thanks all!


Thank you for the update. Add me to list of users experiencing the same problem. Companion app no longer recognizes any of my devices


Ik veronderstel dat het daarom is dat mijn trainer al 2 dagen geen verbinding maakt met bleutooth via compenion app en dit na update Android 12?

Al een oplossing hiervoor??

Any update?
My patience is wearing thin.
I am unable to connect through Bluetooth on the companion app.


Thanks for that!
Is there a way to disable auto update for just companion on Android?